6 Ways to Cut a Paving Stone

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hi I'm Colin and today we're gonna talk

about six different ways you can cut a

paving stone let's get started


so before we get into cutting paving

stones I want to talk a little bit about

marking and paving stone there's a

variety of utensils you can use

permanent markers crayons carpenters

pencils today we're gonna be using a

paver marker what I like to do is

measure exactly how big the cut needs to

be and then mark it on that that way

when I cut it the saw blade will give me

a little bit of wiggle room in case it's

not quite accurate so you're just gonna

mark one end and then mark the other end

and I like to take a trowel or some form

of a straightedge and that just helped

me establish a good straight line from

end to end so the first way that we're

going to talk about cutting a paving

stone today is probably the most basic

way and that is to split it with a

hammer and chisel this is probably the

most cost effective way just because

most people already have a hammer and

chisel it's not gonna make the cleanest

cut but if you only have a few cuts that

you have to make and it's not super

important that they look the best then

this will work just fine so basically

what you want to do is take your chisel

and kind of give it a little bit of a

score we're gonna kind of tap across the

mark of the cut to ensure a nice clean

finish then you're gonna give the few

good whacks to the center and that

should split it in half okay so that's

pretty clean all you'd have to do after

this is just basically clean it up the

rough edges with a hammer and chisel to

make it look the best

the second option the cutting of paving

stones is a use of a paver splitter the

paver splitter is cool because it's


it can do a lot nicer of a split than a

hammer and chisel and it can be a lot

faster so all you really have to do is

feed your paver in between here just

line the the jaws up with your mark nice

and clean just apply a little bit of

pressure and split it right down the

middle so the third option to cutting a

paving stone that we're going to be

talking about today is the use of a

traditional skill saw with a diamond

blade so the diamond blades that are

going to be sold for these are primarily

gonna be wet and dry blades we don't

like to condone cutting dry because

silica dust is very harmful and also

illegal in some states so we're gonna

show you what it looks like to cut a

stone dry and then we're also going to

be doing it wet


this is the fourth way that you can cut

a paving stone this is what's known as a

demolition saw you can get these at any

tool rental yard there's a truly

versatile because they can cut wall or

paving stones as well as metal if you

have an abrasive blade they're also very

portable because they run off of a

gasoline engine and you can hook up a

hose to most of them for to be able to

cut wet


so the fifth option for cutting a paving

stone is the use of a tile saw this is a

pretty large and intricate tile saw

there a variety of different types of

tile saws the main thing is this is a

saw that uses a 10-inch blade you can

get an abrasive finish or a regular

finish as long as the diamond blade it

will efficiently cut through a paving

stone it's pretty fast it cuts very

clean and it probably wouldn't cost you

a whole lot to rent from a tool rental



so the sixth way that we're gonna

demonstrate on how to cut a paving stone

is the use of an IQ saw so the IQ series

of saws are unique because they are a

dried Estes system so you don't have to

worry about a wet slurry getting on

anything or an intense amount of silica

dust so that you can keep your job site

cleaner overall