6 Ways to Cut a Paving Stone

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hi I'm Colin and today we're gonna talk

about six different ways you can cut a

paving stone let's get started


so before we get into cutting paving

stones I want to talk a little bit about

marking and paving stone there's a

variety of utensils you can use

permanent markers crayons carpenters

pencils today we're gonna be using a

paver marker what I like to do is

measure exactly how big the cut needs to

be and then mark it on that that way

when I cut it the saw blade will give me

a little bit of wiggle room in case it's

not quite accurate so you're just gonna

mark one end and then mark the other end

and I like to take a trowel or some form

of a straightedge and that just helped

me establish a good straight line from

end to end so the first way that we're