Shorten 2” faux wood Cordless Venetian Blinds in Six Easy Steps! How to

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this is nancy with fix this house

and today we are going to be shortening

some cordless venetian blinds these are


two inch faux wood blinds from the home

decorators collection

at home depot and ours are 27

probably buy is this one 60 64 inches

you think

that's what it says 27 by 64. all right

and so don's going to be uh

showing us how to shorten these because

i know people were asking what do you do

yeah these come from the home depot and

you can see because these are small

windows we got

six or eight slats too many

on these big windows we don't need to

shorten them because it's just about

right the full length

we have another video in which we show