Shorten 2” faux wood Cordless Venetian Blinds in Six Easy Steps! How to

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this is nancy with fix this house

and today we are going to be shortening

some cordless venetian blinds these are


two inch faux wood blinds from the home

decorators collection

at home depot and ours are 27

probably buy is this one 60 64 inches

you think

that's what it says 27 by 64. all right

and so don's going to be uh

showing us how to shorten these because

i know people were asking what do you do

yeah these come from the home depot and

you can see because these are small

windows we got

six or eight slats too many

on these big windows we don't need to

shorten them because it's just about

right the full length

we have another video in which we show

you how to install these blinds

which you might also check out and we

can put a link at the end of the video

to it so i uh

we've done the hard work we read the


in english and spanish so we are ready

to do this and it's

i don't think it's going to be that uh

difficult so the first step you're going

to do

you want to tell any stories about like

the first time you tried doing this and

it didn't work

well let me just say this

the first time i did this i was very

naive and i've since learned my lesson

see what what you need to remember most

importantly is the string that runs up

the middle

you've got the ladder and then you got

the string that runs up up the middle

the ladder is what the slats sit on i


but the string that goes up the middle

is connected to the spring wound tension

up in the top right so if you were to

mistakenly cut this middle string not

that you've ever done that

you'd be tempted to say things that you

shouldn't say and do things that you

would regret

so whatever you do don't cut that string

that runs up the middle on either

side because it it flicks back up

doesn't it it just winds itself straight

up back into the

and it's you're done yeah i actually

took that one back to the home depot and

got it replaced they're very they're

very good about returns

all right so the first step is to pull

it all the way down and then

adjust it so that they're they're

they're flat level

okay not at an angle right there we go

so now we're going to remove the ones

that we

don't need anymore and we're going to

remove them

with a pair of scissors simply cutting

the plastic do you want that one well


here's mine here's what i think this is

this one's

here and then we'll need we'll bring the

base all the way up to here and it'll be


all right so i'm removing one two three

four five six

okay good sorry but yeah you gotta you

gotta think in advance

where do i wanna you only have to cut

two sides you don't cut the middle

um the middle doesn't need to be cut

it's just resting there it's only the

ones on the ends through which that

middle string passed that you would end

up cutting

and again do so without

cutting the middle cutting that string

okay so this

could just bend it once you cut it once

can you cut one side and then just bend

yeah if you want it bent

but i don't want it then i want it

broken so i can take it out

so there's that and of course these are

now trash

so i want to remove one two three four

more right and then i'll show you the

next step

just take your time and uh remove the

ones you don't


did i mention to be careful of not

cutting that middle string


you don't want to do that

and you know when that happened to me it

was because i just assumed

see the other kind where you've got

that that have the strings that you pull

that is how you shorten them you do cut

that middle one

but these that middle string is under

tension spring wound from the top

anyway like most people

we learned the hard way

can i try one yeah sure

i want to know if you can cut oh it's

not that easy to cut

there's a little bit of energy right i

don't even know if you do that

i guess you could if you bend it back

and forth it might well i'm just

thinking the fewer times you do the

well you could also just sneak slip it

through here

and then out and then you don't have to

snip too many times because some people

that's brilliant why we're together


that's what i was thinking or you could

just slide it through

here and slip it out

okay that's great

so we've cut the slats out that we don't

want we move

on to the next step discard unwanted


next step trim the horizontal ladder

cords all right so the horizontal ladder


are the pieces that run this way on

which the slats

sit right we're gonna do all of them

except the one at the bottom

or the one immediately below

are we gonna take this guy out yeah i

think so

that's the one where i asked you and you

oh i

i failed to complete that job


it's easy that way isn't it you're so


okay so we are going to cut not this


string but the ones that go horizontally

on which the slats sit

so the right work yeah they're like the

rungs of the ladder but we're not going

to cut the one immediately below

we're going to leave that one right

there so

you got your bottom slat then count one


skip that and then cut these horizontal

guys like this

okay five in our case i guess

so we're bottom slat skip one

and then cut

bottom slot skip one and then cut the


these must be right-handed scissors

okay next step

remove the bottom rail buttons okay oh


that's these so i've got like a putty

knife or maybe a screwdriver

it doesn't slide all the way up when you

do that

the strings that run on either side


tension are connected to these buttons


and i'm putting a regular knife would

work just anything to get under there

and pry it off

your long fingernails okay so you can

see that that

string that runs up the middle is

connected to this button don't cut that

don't remove that

just undo it okay so now we're going to

pull out whatever

a part of the ladder is still and we can


and we can cut the rest of the


oh because there's more inside now there

we go yes there's more inside

and we're going to trim these up later

so that that's

that's good like that what did i not cut

through this one

did i cut through this one where'd i get

these scissors

okay now this center one is not going to

have a string connected to it

because there doesn't have a center pull

string on this it just has

it might for larger ones right depending


i don't know i bet you the large ones


save that guy all right so we pull that


and cut the rest of these

okay so we got two out now this one will

have be connected

the string will be connected to the


okay like so

cut the rest of the horizontals

okay good add steps done

next step is lift the bottom rail

beneath the ladder location nearest the

desired length and cut

off excess ladders leave approximately

two inches below the bottom rim

so we're gonna lift this up and since

that string is under spring tension at

the top

the string you know whines with it

so just like that

okay and now we're going to trim these

but leave a couple inches

we're going to discard most of this but

about two inches we're going to twist

together and stuff back

up in there so it says leave about two


okay do that all the way around

so you're just cutting the two sides and

not the middle well the middle string is

now up

here yeah yeah all right so

now the the last step is twist

ladders and then insert into bottom rail

holes and replace buttons so let's start

with the middle one

because that one's easier it doesn't

have that third string running up the


actually let it hang okay

and um some of this i don't even i'm

going to move some of these

all right so we're supposed to twist

these together

and then stick it back inside the

hole and replace the


there you go let's see that again so

okay we do the same on the ends too

this little middle one looks pretty good

i think looks good to me

get to pop the button back out

well it didn't it didn't go all the way


just trimming the horizontal rungs

oh it did go back in on me didn't it

we'll have to pry it out again i don't


it didn't click into place all right so

we'll twist these together

a few times then

stick them back in there

and now we'll push that button in so

that it

snaps fully into place you have to worry

about making them level

that one looks pretty good yeah it looks

pretty level

okay so now we got one more to do

i'm trimming off a little bit of the

excess on these horizontal pieces

all right so grab these two

twist them a little bit

tuck them in the hole tuck them in a


and push that button back in

all right so there it is

looks good how's that look yep can you

close the

slats now why are you afraid the

neighbors peeking

at you no i just want to stop

that's cool very good things have worked

out it looks perfect

pretty good all right all that's left is

to call one of the kids to come clean up

the mess the mess all right

what else do you have to say that's it i

hope that's of help to you

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