How to cut 2 different colors of vinyl on 1 mat | Cricut Design Space Beginner

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hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I will show you how to cut two

different colors of vinyl on one mat and

Cricut design so this is the image of

using as an example as you can see the

image only has two colors make sure your

image is already ungroup so I'm going to

select the black part so I can grab the

red headband and place it right here

between the 4 and 6 inches square and

then I'm going to grab the lips as well

so I'm going to grab this image and

place it back up here select all


make it


so I'm going to zoom in so I can see how

I'm going to place my black vinyl on

this part right here and then the red

vinyl on this side so I'm going to click