2 Color Vinyl Decal Cutting How-To

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what does that boat is up so today we're

going to go over how to make two color

decals such as this one the same method

applies for multicolored decals so you

can go as many colors as you want the

same method will work so first things

first you got to draw up your design of

the computer and let's go do that now

alright so bear with me I don't have

screen capture software so this is what

we're going to do you know just camera

point at the screen but this next

technique is going to vary depending on

what your design is when if you're

drawing up a custom design you're going

to want to plan out your design to make

it easier to layer you'll get used to it

you'll figure out what works what

doesn't but for this we're going to do a

simple text design we're going to keep

it easy for your first one and it'll