How to Cut by Color in the Silhouette Studio Software

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Kyle here from Manteo graphics apply in

this next video I show you how to cut by

color and sew it so as you can see on

the screen here I have a nice unicorn

image with four colors on it so

basically if you wanted to cut this I'll

what a lot of people end up doing is

that will take the pink off it will take

the yellow off it will take the blue off

and then they will go and send this to

their silhouette and it'll cut this and

then they'll go back to their design and

they'll move the pink on and they'll

move the black on and they'll cut this

and you know honestly for a lot of stuff

this is how I do it but it can get it

can be super tedious especially if it's

a design that you purchased or somebody

made for you it can kind of be

irritating to break all this stuff apart

especially if things aren't grouped