How to Cut by Color in the Silhouette Studio Software

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Kyle here from Manteo graphics apply in

this next video I show you how to cut by

color and sew it so as you can see on

the screen here I have a nice unicorn

image with four colors on it so

basically if you wanted to cut this I'll

what a lot of people end up doing is

that will take the pink off it will take

the yellow off it will take the blue off

and then they will go and send this to

their silhouette and it'll cut this and

then they'll go back to their design and

they'll move the pink on and they'll

move the black on and they'll cut this

and you know honestly for a lot of stuff

this is how I do it but it can get it

can be super tedious especially if it's

a design that you purchased or somebody

made for you it can kind of be

irritating to break all this stuff apart

especially if things aren't grouped

correctly so what I'm going to show you

today is how to cut by color so that way

makes it super easy to you know just

knock this job out very quickly so I

have all the colors here and now I want

to send it to the silhouette too

you know how to do that you go to the

top you hit the send in the top right

corner and right here below design says

simple line and fill now if I click on

the line you'll see that this is only

filling one color red that's because all

of these colors have a red outline so

most things by default have a red

outline so if we go back to our design

and I'm just going to pull these apart

so I can show you guys so we have the

black here and if I click in the corner

here we have this selected in the corner

here it shows your black setup so we can

go ahead and we can change this to any

color blue you can change it back to

black and then the box next to it

where you see that as red is your line

color so I'm gonna switch this out with

this yellow here because I think it's

going to be easier to see the line color

change as you can see there's a slight

red there if I change this to purple

changes the purple red peach it's kind

of hard to see but you get the idea

black just gonna change that back to

yellow forget that that there so I have

these two on here and then I go back to

the Sun panel and then we go to line

colors it's actually showing the red for

the unicorn and outline and then the

yellow for this one so these can be

stacked on top of each other and on the

same screen and you're just going by the

line color I personally like to go we

put let me go back to design click

before I get into it this yellow back

around this blue don't have to be

perfect because they're gonna cut

separately so I like to do the fill I

don't like to mess with the lines too

much so as you can see here with the

fill I can pick the pink and now it's

gonna cut all of the pink I can unclick

that and I can click the black and now

it's going to cut all of the black and

then I can go to blue and then I can go

to yellow and I can also change which

tool so 2 1 or tool too so if I was

gonna cut the pink cut the black cut the

blue but then I wanted to draw the red I

could click that to tool to and change

this to a pen and it would do both at

the same time to I think is pretty cool

so you just want to make sure you go

through here and you change all of your

make sure you change your materials to

what each material in relation to the

color is so this is all heat transfer

smooth so you're just gonna go through

here and make sure all these or any

transfer smooth but if the pink was easy

we'd you would set this to easyweed and

then you would go and you could preset

the black to glitter and then the blue

could be holographic and then the yellow

could be another sheet of easyweed so

you could preset all these beforehand so

that way when you go to start cutting

you just knocking it out very quickly it

doesn't show at all here because I don't

actually have a cameo plugged in but it

would normally have all that the blade

this being the four settings there and I

can go over that in a separate video but

that's basically it here's your two line

colors so you have read everything but

the yellow is as a red line color

because I changed it and then the yellow

is there so if you have this and you

know you you have your design here I'm

going to show this real quick if you are

cutting the pink you can actually grab

the pink and move it to wherever you

want it on the mat so it cuts to

optimize the piece of model that you

have it's not all set exactly where you

have it so that's basically it for the

cut by color you know you have your

simple where it's going to cut whatever

is cuttable on the mat you have your

line so whatever you have selected here

and same with the materials and stuff

you can preset for each one and then the

fill whatever your fill color is that's

just going to cut the black cool so if

you have any questions about this please

comment and I'll get back to you as soon

as possible look forward to making a

bunch more videos for you as well so if

you have any ideas for videos please

reach out to me and I will get them done

as soon as possible thanks for taking

the time to watch