How to Create a Layered Two-Color Decal With The Silhouette Cameo 3

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hi everyone this is Lisa from the

Rhinestone world and in this video I'm

going to show you how to design cut and

layer a two color FEC decal using your

new silhouette cameo three

I have my design here my design space

you can see that I could layer the decal

vinyl right now if I wanted to but I'm

going to make a couple changes with my


to make it stand out very well and to

make it easy to layer without the bulk

so you can see I have my home here and

it's sitting right on top of my state of

Florida the first thing I'm going to do

is I'm going to make a slight offset and

the reason why I do an offset between

colors is because it adds a little bit

of a contrast between them and a nice

definition it's going to be a very small

offset I'll go over here a distance and

I'll do about point a zero three

probably just very minor and I'll

actually increase it to point zero four

so you can see that right there let's

hit apply now after you make an offset

it will still be selected once you hit

apply so I'm going to take advantage of

that hold down shift and get that state

of Florida behind it now I have both of

these selected and I want to modify now

what I want to do is I want to take out

the offset from the state of Florida

what that will do is they'll also take

out what's underneath the actual home

because the offset is around it let's go

to modify and do subtract so now my

offset will be totally disappeared and

you can see let's group my state back

together you can see it's taken out from

behind there so now I have it has nice

definition and all my vinyl is going to

go right onto my surface so now what I

need to do is I need to make my

registration marks this will make it

very easy to layer my design

I'm going to go up here and draw a

square and hold down shift to make sure

it's a perfect square and then I'm going

to hit alt to make a copy bring that

over and now I'm just going to align

them go to the align panel and I'm going

to align the middle now when you do your

registration marks we're going to cut by

colors we want to have our registration

marks be a totally different color so

I'm going to go ahead and group them

together and then I'm going to color

them in black so you can see them right

here let's select all of these and have

this ready so the next part is to cut my

color I'm going to draw a box around

here to make it easier to

weed when I'm done and the first thing

I'm going to do is cut the pink I have

my pink already loaded on my cutting mat

so I'm going to check to make sure my

design space has a cutting mat it does

and so now we can go to our cut settings

let's go to advanced and now we're going

to select all the areas we want to cut

so what I want is the pink the black and

the note color so let's go over here

let's uncheck blue and now double check

you need to make sure that your cut

settings are set up for these colors you

can see the last thing I cut was

easyweed so I need to select each color

and change it over to my FDC preset so

we have that changed over that one that

one that one so make sure each color is

changed not just one because it will cut

the color you changed correctly but it

might cut through your carrier on other

ones so make sure you double check that

now we have all those selected I'm going

to check over here you can see that

right now it's so saying silhouette

Ratchet blade because I'm cutting on the

Cameo 3 I'm going to change it over to

my automatic blade and then I'm going to

load up my material and then send to the

cutter I have my decal vinyl loaded and

the thing about decal vinyl instead of

HTV is that you're going to put the shut

the actual color up and you don't need

to mirror in your software so just like

the previous version I'm going to line

it up here and I need to make sure my

roller is over so I'm going to unlock it

bring it back now lock it again go over

here let's lo and it bunched up a little

bit so what I'm going to do is I'm going

to lift up this roller and just smooth

it back up right so I'm going to send

cut to my cutter and we're going to go

well the blade is adjusting itself right

now now it's just going to pause for a

second it says working now I can unload

it here's my first cut now I'm going to

set up my next piece of vinyl and set it

up for the next cut I've just cut my

first color I cut the pink so now what I

need to do is I need to cut out the blue

all I have to do is uncheck this pink

and then check this blue here because my

registration marks my weed box are going

to be cut on both cuts so double check

to make sure all of these say your

material we're going to go over here

make sure it's on automatic blade we're

all set so we can load our material and

then cut that here is my second color

this is silver glitter FDC I have it on

my mat I made sure I aligned it in the

corner so I'm going to repeat the

process that I just did with the pink

load it and cut it

my second color is done just wait for it

to finish processing now I can unload it

now I'm ready to weave and layer my D

cap we have both colors cut now

now I'm going to weed them and set them

up for transfer I'm going to find the

edge of this box I can easily take that

and just take up the vinyl size keep

these boxes you want them just going to

take out these middle parts

here's my first color now let's read the

second color you can see it's pulling up

where the text comes out in here and if

it rips a little bit that's totally fine

because you're peeling it up anyway now

let's double check there's nothing that

needs to be taken out from in here we're

going to cut around here so I have just

the decal part now I'll actually just

peel this up I grabbed the paper now

we'll do it over here get rid of this

now what I want to do is I want this to

go on top of here and the way we layer

vinyl is that we hinge it down I need to

take this and put the tape on it first

and then place it on here and I'll show

you what I mean here's my application

tape I'm going to take this and actually

bring it this is the non sticky side and

bring it over see how much I need to cut

all right so it's about here go ahead

and cut all right we're going to place

it on here I like to do a horseshoe so

I'm starting from the middle dropping

smoothing it up going to use my scraper

to make sure you really get it on there

and then I'm going to just trim this

bottom part too so I am going to use

these boxes to align it so what I need

to do is I need to keep my vinyl on the

transfer tape but I'm going to take the

backing off behind it so the only thing

exposed on this will be these squares it

won't actually be my design let's go

over here just cut that now you can see

that it's exposed there you see I missed

a little bit but that'll be okay now I

just need to layer my boxes so I'm going

to find it find where the boxes are

alright so I have my boxes lined up now

we are going to slowly peel this back

over my design

so now you can see it's lined up

perfectly it's because we use our boxes

so I've lined up my two color design now

all I need to do is just trim off the

excess so let's take that get that out

of there then if you want to look really

neat then we will just try and do sides

here there we have it we have a two

color decal designed and cut with our

silhouette cameo three using our FDC a

decal line our side vinyl so if you have

any more questions you can email us at

info at the Rhinestone WorldCom