Two Block Haircut Tutorial 2021 | Learn How To Cut By Yourself In Just Minutes!

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hey guys driven here into this video I

want to share you my experiences in

cutting the tubular haircut and some

mistakes I learn along the way that you

can avoid so you can master how to cut

this hairstyle in the most simple way

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if this is your first time watching my

videos I make hair videos here on

YouTube I first started becoming

interested in this to blow haircut when

I got fed up up the sides of my hair

sticking up all the time and wanted a

solution the answer was going out my to

blow hair style when agent hairs long

gravity will actually pull the hair in a

downward direction so he won't stick up

anymore this hairstyle has been a game

changer in time and money saved as I no

longer need to cut as often anymore and

I can also do this at home the to block

cut is also a really versatile hairstyle

that allows me to start however I wanted

if you ever go to Asia you were 100% see

a guy walking around rocking his

hairstyle in the streets I made this

video for anyone interested in learning

how to cut a two-block hairstyle easily

this is just a basic method meant so

that anyone can learn in just minutes I

will consider this an ultimate two bar

haircut tutorial as I will go every

detail on how to do it first it is very

important that your hair needs to

actually be long enough to get this

hairstyle a good way that you can do to

measure if your hair is long enough is

by simply putting your top here to both

sides and see how long it goes I would

recommend that your hair is muted for at

least halfway on the sides of your head

as well as down the back of your head in

order to even consider this hairstyle a

lot of people ask me how long it takes

for me to grow my sites out and I just

want to tell you that it's not a sight

hair that you're going out you are

actually growing out the top hair which

will fall to the sides the most simple

to blow hair cut is basically just

shaved sides and shaved lower back here

with the top here long enough that it

falls over your sides and back just

heads up that this kind of gives you an

illusion that you're wearing a wig

thinking of yourself being bald and just

wearing a mushroom wig because that's

simply how a two-block haircut is now

they are fading involved if you want to

get a nicer looking to bow haircut with

medium side hair however in this video

I'm specifically focusing on the most

basic and immature method that everybody

can learn in just a few minutes

today I'll be using a 360 mirror that

allows me to see all sides of my head

which I can easily adjust in a height

and view I will also include a 10%

discount link for you guys in the

description box below where you can get

one of these 360 mirror for yourself the

discount code is 10 so yeah check

it out alright

going back to the tube all haircut

tutorial first I like to spray my hair

with some water so I can easily move my

hair around with a comb

next I will pipe my hair to the left

side which I'll then start the process

of sharing my site here I will shave

both my side hair first with my balls

Clippers which I got from Walmart for

about $80 this is just a small

investment that is quickly paid back for

itself as I've saved hundreds of dollars

from not cutting from a barber anymore

I also shaved my lower back here and you

can see me pushing my top hair upwards

and out of the way before shaving my

lower back here birdy goes around me

they can never seem to faze me

now you got me thinking about you lately

heartbeat jumping now my chest when you

look into my eyes so

you know Oh Oh birdie girls around me

they'd be making place to claim me you

don't even try but girl you make me

crazy now I'm trying to put my thoughts

together into a song oh girl you know oh

oh let it go put it down on a beat I'm

aboard I'm agreeing that I'm to a

village I take it slow let me try to act

cool but I'm looking like a fool with a

few screws loose let it go let it go

come with me girl the lengths are used

for my sight and lower back here is the

number one Clippers which is three

millimeters my hair in this video have

already been cut in a two-block matter

which is why it's easier for me if this

will be your first time to cut a

two-block haircut then you need to use

our best judgment to see how far you

want to cut your top pair and a side

hair in my case I decided to just shave

the sides and back three millimeters

with no fading it is just a 3mm

and then goes straight to that long hair

and that is the top here for my

sideburns they're the same length as my

sight here and I did not do any fading

whatsoever then I would trim the strands

of hair above my ear since the hair

clippers can't really cut it cleanly in

that section I then spray my hair with

some water again so I can see how long

my top hair is when a part of downwards

I felt like my top here was good enough

which was why I didn't cut my top hair

which falls to the sides but if your

hair is too long in this case you can

simply use her scissors or hair clippers

and cut it in a straight line all around

just think of a mushroom where the top

part is your hair and bottom part is

your side hair that shave the top back

here is left long and should not be cut

short so your hair will be long all

around from front to the back of your


next comes down thinning shears these

scissors are basically special kinds of

scissors that has gaps between both

sides which means only half of your hair

is cut while leaving the other half on

your scalp this is a great way for you

to make your hair lighter and less bulky

since this is basically removing the

thickness of your hair without losing a

length this is especially important as

you need this length for the tube all

haircut I will pick a section of my top

here and slowly cut twice in that

section that I've chosen and also do it

on the top back off of my hair if you

want to buy a t-shirt just like this I

have also included an Amazon link in the

description box below where you can get

these as well moving on for my hair

fringes I prefer it being slightly long

and usually around or over my eyebrows I

just feel like the to vote seems nicer

when your hair bends are longer and not

short so now I'm just trimming my fringe

a little bit using a comb to straighten

the hair and cutting it carefully now

the end result is a to blur haircut that

looks decent enough this hair tutorial

will not make you look amazing as we

have not done even any fading however it

is a great method for you to save tons

of money and have fun cutting your own

hair in the long run hair is just hair

and even if you mess up it will

eventually go back in a matter of a few

weeks and after a few days your sides

will start going out anyway and it will

just look like a haircut you got from a

professional barber so I would suggest

everyone to just go for it and give it a

shot you will never know how you look in

a two-block haircut if you never try it

it may take some getting used to if you

have had short hair or your life but

trust me guys it's worth it if you go

through of it alright so just a quick

recap before I end the video number one

grow out your hair long enough on the

top so if fall to the site at least

halfway on either sides and back number

to shave size and lower back hair in a

short length while leaving the top hair

longer and this is what will allow you

to achieve a two but look number three

don't cut your hair fringe or bangs too

short as this is what will help you in a

two-block look you may look like you're

bringing a wig mushroom hair coconut

hair fishbowl look but this means you're

on the right track as you cut your hair

more and more you will slowly start to

develop your own style and taste to how

you like the tubular haircut this is the

method that's worked for me and I hope

this will help a lot of you by just

visualizing this haircut while I explain

how I do it anyway I hope you guys

learned something from this tutorial you

made it to the end of the video I just

want to say a big thank you to you and

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happen till next time there's a jayven

phone signing off