Cutting glass tile using the score and snap method.

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okay so I've had a couple of people ask

me how to cut our tiles here and the

easiest way that I always recommend is

to use what we call a scorn snap method

so scorn snap method basically use a

glass scoring tool with a carbide wheel

and what that does is you put a scratch

in the top surface of the glass and that

allows you to break the glass the

easiest way to do it is to grab your

tile grab something straight like a

ruler there we'll just use another tile

and simply score the top surface from

end to end not too hard not too tight at

that point what you can do is take

something soft here we have just a piece

of neoprene foam it can be foam it can

be a piece of fabric it can be something

just to give it a little bit of height

and what you do is you put it underneath

you line the score mark on top of it