How to Easily Cut Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheets

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welcome to DIY easy crash comm today

we're going to take a look at how to

easily cut through Plexiglas or acrylic

sheets we're going to look at a few

methods the first method is scoring the

sheets and this can be done with a

Plexiglas knife I got this one at Home

Depot but almost any hardware store will

have them this method works great on

thick as well as thin Plexiglas and thin

Plexiglas is most commonly used in the

arts and crafts projects that that we

work on use a steel straightedge as a

guide and then you just want to score

the Plexiglas and then repeatedly go

through that same motion scoring deeper

and deeper on each pass you want to

probably scored six to twelve times

depending on how much pressure then move

the place glass over onto the corner of

the work table and just evenly press

down and it should snap right along that

scored line this is a very simple method

and works great when you're working with

straight lines now if you don't have a

Plexiglas knife you can actually use a

straight razor or a razor knife or

actually any knife that that will

generate that groove make sure you don't

cut yourself again I highly recommend

using a straightedge as a guide it's

really easy to jump out of that groove

and scratch as a good portion of the

glass of the Plexiglas with the razor

knife it's the same concept and you

probably want to make at least a dozen

passes and you want to press Fuhrman up

to cut a groove but not too hard that

you're gonna jump out of that groove and

possibly cut yourself and again to the

corner of the work platform or work

table and then it should snap right

along that line so this is great for

replacing broken glass and picture

frames you know anything that you would

use straight cuts for

now the next method we're going to use

is for doing something other than

straight cuts now these are picture

frames that I made for some of our DIY

projects and in order to use Plexiglas

for these you have to be able to cut

curves one of the tools I like is a

dremel grinder and you can use a variety

of different cutoff wheel so this is the

one in particular that I like and

cutting curves so the Dremel is is

really easy you should wear eye

protection and you should put a piece of

of wood underneath the plexi that you're

working on because you can cut through

and you don't want to damage whatever

table you're on you want to do the same

thing you want to create a groove you

don't want to try to cut through it all

in one shot and then you just go back

over that glue a few times now you have

a choice you can cut about halfway

through and then snap it and it should

snap right along that that cut grooved

line or if you just put a little bit a

few more passes in and just cut right

through the Plexiglas

and for this for thin glass I think that

that's probably the easiest the next

tool is one of the oscillating tools and

doesn't matter what brand you have but

most of them will have a universal a

cutting tool which is also usually

curved around and even though this is

not spinning like the Dremel glider the

vibrations from the oscillation cut very

very nicely to plexiglass and again the

benefit here is that you can cut curves

and circles

the other benefit over the dremel

grinder is that it doesn't throw as much

dust or particles into the air so much

less likely to get you know any any dust

into your respiratory system or any dust

into your eye same thing you want to

score the line a few times and then it's

your choice whether you cut all the way

through or snap

and once you snap you can just have to

cut through the protective coating on

both sides of the Plexiglas and there

you have your nice your nice cut line

the next method is gonna be using a

jigsaw now this is gonna be for thicker

plexiglass or a thicker sheets of

acrylic in the quarter inch of thicker

range if you try to cut real thin glass

with the jigsaw you're gonna find that

you're just gonna crack the edges

because of the vibration because of the

pulling motion up and down but for

thicker plexiglass this is quarter-inch

thick it cuts very very nicely

I not only straight lines but also

curves and circles now of course if you

had long straight lines to do on larger

sheets you could also use a table sword

I'm not gonna show that today most of

the DIY crafts projects that we use

we're gonna use the methods Illustrated

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