Cutting 190 proof Everclear to 80 proof.

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hello again guys

time for another video um

what i like to do today is take some uh

everclear that's 190 proof

and to cut it down to 80 proof

to stretch it out and i'm going to use


use a distilled water to do that

so we're going to do it today and

i have a spirits

hydrometer that i'll be able to measure

uh what the proof is but a lot of people

don't have this

so i'm going to measure the water out in


with the measuring cup so we can all

find out

how much distilled water will be able to

knock down 190 proof to 80 proof so

let's get started

yeah what i have here is a this is a big

glass cookie jar

so let's empty one of the bottles in

here well i'd like to fit both of them

in here

but we'll see where we're at

oh yeah i should be able to fit both of

them in here make sure there's room

enough for the

distilled water

perfect the other one

this is just a means to stretch out your


during this weird time we're in right

now everybody's locked in our house

so this will give you one more reason

not to go out and deal with the public

okay i got both in there plenty of room

left for the distilled water so i'm

going to start out

with two cups

and we'll see where we're at with that

that's two cups stir it up real good

take out our hydrometer

and i got a turkey baster here don't

worry guys

we're dealing with straight alcohol so

nothing has to be sanitized

we'll just fill this up

and see where we're at

that should be enough

drop this down

and we are at

gotta get it into the light one second

okay we're at

150 proof right now


i'm going to add another two cups of


see what i'm doing here


and take another measurement

okay see where we're at

we're at 120 proof

two cups in this will be six

six cups total


take another measurement excuse me

see where we're

110 proof

getting closer now i don't want to


the 80 proof so i'm just going to add

one cup this time

let's see where we're at

so that's seven cups so far

seven cups of distilled water

all right

okay let's see where we're at

okay we're getting closer it's down to

100 proof

let me add a cup and a half this time

so this will be eight and a half cups

and i'm running out of room in the chuck


okay let's see where we're at

we're at 90.

so i say uh one more cup

how to do it so this will be nine and a


cups all together of distilled water

that's almost a full gallon jeez

all right this ought to do it


okay let's see where we're at we should

do it this time

proof it should be

nope just over 90.

let's do a half a cup and then that

should do it

so that'll be 10 cups

half a cup now that should bring us to

80 proof

that'll be a total of 10 cups of

distilled water

all right

all right this should be the final


there we go right at 80 proof 10 cups

of distilled water and you'll get 80

proof liquor

out of 190 proof ever clear

so now what i want to do now you can

just leave it like this

and put it back in bottles and i have

some spare other bottles

i'm going to put a little flavoring into

this uh

i know this is crystal light i didn't

want crystal light

i just wanted a kool-aid brand but all

they had was cherry and

orange i didn't want that this is a

blue raspberry so i'm just gonna flavor


so what's more enjoyable

and i'm just going to taste this a

little here a little there to make sure

that it's to my liking

right let me get a spoon

and just try this out it's very

palatable being 80 proof i don't think

i'd be able to drink

190 proof i get the flavoring i'm going

to add a little more


all right see where we're at


yeah that's that's fine just the way it


all right we're all done mixing

everything up

let's get it into the bottles

i'll be right back

hey guys not only did i fill

both of these bottles back up but also

filled up these as well

so stretch out your liquor

water it down don't need to be drinking

190 proof that's insane

cut it down to 80 and stretch it out

okay you guys hope you like this hope

you try this

i'm gonna enjoy this this will last me

quite a long time

all right you guys take care take care