How to Dilute Your Alcohol...

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let's work out how to actually dilute

this distillation to 40% alcohol by

volume now firstly we've got our

distillate here we need to actually find

out how strong it is now we use the

alcohol neither not the hydrometer used

for making the wash in the first place

okay so after pour a sample of the

distillate into this container where

we're going to use our alcohol meter to

see exactly what the alcohol by volume

level is of this particular wash we need

to know this is the first part of the

formula to work at how much water to put

into it okay so now what we're going to

do drop the alcohol meter into it now as

you can see here it comes to 85 percent

alcohol by volume all right all you want

it to come down to 40 so after we caught

this down is the first part of the sum

we're going to be actually doing we know

the volume of the liquid is one point

two five zero so now we can apply this

formula it's water into the

container but the formula is actual

alcohol by volume divided by required

alcohol by volume multiplied by the

liquid volume of what we'll just put

into the container

- the liquid volume and that equals how

much water we need to use to bring it

down to 40 percent alcohol by volume now

that was a bit confusing here's the

difference look at it in different

perspective eighty-five percent alcohol

by volume is the strength of that liquid

divided by 40 that's what we want to

bring it down to multiply it by the

volume of the quantity of liquid which

is one to five Oh take that one to five

over from it net gives us one point four

zeroes six liters of water that we need

to add to this to bring it down to forty

percent alcohol by volume okay so I've

got the water here drop it in the water

in and very shortly we'll be able to get

sampled this and do a test see what the

alcohol volume is it should be very well

close to 40% alcohol by volume now keep

in mind you've got water and alcohol

needs give it a bit of a mix up to make

sure that it's completely dispersed

properly and then what we're going to do

is we're going to take a sample you

don't need to you might find after a

Patrol an area

for doing this a few times you don't

need to actually do this as a final step

because you know it will be 40% alcohol

by volume alright so we've got our

content which is two point six five six

liters now we're going to take a sample

and we're going to see how strong this

particular final batch is as I said I

know it's going to be pretty well close

to spot-on 40% alcohol by volume but for

the sake of the exercise I'll go through

and show you here that it is 40% olive

oil so we drop the meter in there those

four bubbles by the way make sure those

around of the way bit does show this 40%

alcohol um-- now we have two point six

five six liters of alcohol that is ready

to go into the carbon filter ink