How to Dilute Your Alcohol...

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let's work out how to actually dilute

this distillation to 40% alcohol by

volume now firstly we've got our

distillate here we need to actually find

out how strong it is now we use the

alcohol neither not the hydrometer used

for making the wash in the first place

okay so after pour a sample of the

distillate into this container where

we're going to use our alcohol meter to

see exactly what the alcohol by volume

level is of this particular wash we need

to know this is the first part of the

formula to work at how much water to put

into it okay so now what we're going to

do drop the alcohol meter into it now as

you can see here it comes to 85 percent

alcohol by volume all right all you want

it to come down to 40 so after we caught

this down is the first part of the sum

we're going to be actually doing we know