DIY cut Stainless sheet w/ Sawzall + Grinder

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what's up guys Josh here so this is the

second part of my video I took about a

three minute break to scribble off the

word drill and scribble cut next to it

just because this was a two-part video

that I was shooting on how to drown and

also how to cut stainless uh this is

actually a customer's piece right now I

needed to have it ready for tomorrow

morning but I told my crew that I was

gonna do it at home just that I wanted

to share this video with you guys so of

course I don't have all my best tools

but I got decent tools but uh I

shouldn't say decent professional Harbor

Freight that's a joke but you know what

it was like 20 bucks um I'm not

complaining it was cheap it's a freebie

practically but uh I would highly

recommend cutting sheet metal with an

angle grinder I do this all day long in