What is a Bar of Sheet Music? | 16 Bar & 32 Bar Audition Help for Singers

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hey you guys what hi hit the counter so

hey you guys let's stop it's me

Catherine and in today's video I'm going

to answer the age-old question what is

16 bars of sheet music or 32 bars or

just one what is 1 bar of sheet music so

many of you guys have reached out to me

and asked me what exactly this is so if

you don't know what a bar of sheet music

is don't be embarrassed

tons of people don't either and I did

into either at one point and that's why

I'm here on the internet machine sharing

my knowledge if this is the first time

you're hearing my knowledge on your

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but without any further ado let's talk

about sheet music and bars and what it

all means so phrases like 16 bar cut or

32 bar cut definitely gets tossed around

a lot when it comes to audition so the

first part of understanding what a 16

bar cutter or 32 bar cut is is

understanding what 1 bar is a bar which

is also sometimes called a measure is a

piece of sheet music it's a way to

measure part of a song basically the

best way to explain it is just to show

you so here is the Avenue Q song

selection book it was the first piece of

sheet music that I saw on my on my shelf

over there so I grabbed it for an

example so you see this vertical line

and this vertical line that's space in

between those that's one bar of sheet

music so when you read something like a

16 bar cut or a 32 bar cut they

literally mean that they want you to

sing 16 bars of sheet music so 16 of

those you just go out in the sheet music

and you count them sometimes depending

on the tempo of the song it might be too

fast or too long so generally 16 bars

means about 30 seconds and 32 bars

generally means about a minute it

depends on the song but in general you

want to sing the last 32 or 16 bars

because that's when all of the showy

is going to be people behind the casting

table don't really care about you thing

speaking for a minute you know if you

guys need help on how to find the

perfect audition song I have a video on

that so definitely check the down bar

below I hope this video helps you out

break a leg on your impending audition

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