How to Meal Prep 1,500 Calories in 15 Minutes | Meal Prep For Weight Loss

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what's going on everyone it's a seal

suede and in this video i

am going to show you how to meal prep

1500 calories

in 15 minutes so if you are looking to

meal prep for weight loss

this video is for you just stick around

and show you all step by step on exactly

how to do this so

with that being said make sure you give

this video a like you enjoy it share it

with a buddy or two because

this is seriously going to be one of the

best easiest quickest beneficial meal


for weight loss so let's get inside the

kitchen and i'm going to show you all

the foods ingredients we're going to

need for today's meal prep for weight



all right i've got all of the foods

needed for today's meal prep to lose

weight so keep in mind guys this

is 1500 calories based around three

meals so

it is a tad bit extreme but again we

have all the simple ingredients here

i'll take you through the assembly line

we have spinach we got some

non-fat greek yogurt we have some no

salt added canned

corn along with some reduced sodium


black beans and then we also have 937

ground turkey

we have jasmine rice we got almond


unsweetened vanilla almond milk and then

we also have

some eggs i'm very grateful i didn't

just drop all those eggs

and we also have some quick cooking oats

and then we have two bananas as well so

that is going to be everything you are

going to need keep in mind this is also

very budget friendly all these foods are

super cheap so you're going to love this

let's go ahead and set up all the pans

and pots needed

to begin meal prepping all 1500 calories

in just 15 minutes


all right so i have got all of the pans

pots and accessory we're gonna need just

to set up all the food so check it out

we are going to start the timer

for 15 minutes again guys we're prepping

three different meals 1500 calories here

in only 15 minutes so ready three

two one go all right so let's go ahead

and start

with well okay we're going to start with

meal number one right but we're gonna

prepare meal number two

as we're covering up deal number one

because meal number two is gonna take

the longest time to prep so

anyways hopefully that makes sense so

meal number two this is gonna be some

white rice cooked ground turkey some of

the canned black beans and corn

along with some spinach so it's gonna be

like one big homemade chipotle bowl

and we're gonna prep up the rice and the

ground turkey cook that up as we're

gonna prepare the first meal so

check it out we need where is it where

is it where is it okay this is gonna be

completely vlog styled i really hope you

all enjoyed this let me know if you're

gonna like these meal prep challenges

you want me more of them but anyways i'm

wasting time here so we're gonna do one


of dried white rice right

okay got a boom and what we're gonna do

as well

is put two cups of water so for every

one cup dried white rice

one cup water is the way to do it all

right that's a conversion if you want to

cook perfect rice

two cups of water per one cup of dried

rice it's just perfect so if you're

using two cup dried

use four cups water you know three cups

six cups etc but

anyways let's go ahead and turn this up

we're going to like do this on high just

for a little bit so it starts pulling


probably not the best way but we got 15

minutes all right we got pam cooking


uh obviously we want to save as much

calories as possible so

zero calorie spray then we also are

going to start cooking this up

okay okay it's as easy as one two three


anyways uh let's go ahead and season

this puppy up so what we're gonna use

is some sea salt check it out

you know you're fancy and you got the

whole cracker thing going on like

you don't have to use this type all

right all right we also have some pepper

which i

actually seem to have ran out big l

don't have any pepper

then what we're gonna do is we're gonna

use look at this this is like

the gains uh little closet we have going

on we have some garlic powder

we're gonna also use some onion powder

i'm giving away

all my secrets by the way it's not that

big of a secret but this is really how i

season all of my protein so hopefully

you guys enjoy this

got some garlic salt and

what else what else what else this stuff

this is the secret stuff paprika

but a boom gives it a kick and that's it


what we're gonna do is get the spatula

and just kind of like break this down so

we have this gone at around like four to

six just like medium to high heat really

just to get it

going a little quicker check that

out you just literally beat it up all


beat it up for its gains the more you

beat it up the more gains you're going


acquire not really but anyways

now as we have this stuff cooking okay

we're gonna go ahead and start preparing

meal number one which is

super quick meal number one and three

are like extremely time efficient so

meal number one

is gonna consist of a banana with some

cooked oatmeal and one cup of almond


with a little bit of some almond butter

along with two whole eggs and four egg

whites so i'm gonna show you all exactly

how i prepare this

check it out we have a bowl we're gonna

put it on the weight scale just so we

can like measure out exactly how much

we're using here

as if we're literally meal prepping

right we're gonna go ahead

and weigh out 80 grams oats

don't know 40 grams i'm sorry we need

half a cup of oatmeal here only half a

cup because this is like

you know 1500 calories we're watching

the carbohydrates

and then we also have got one cup

of almond milk to cook it in okay

almost a pub and there you have it one

cup we're gonna simply nuke this in the

microwave for

three minutes all right check that out

one two three three minutes now

we're gonna check up on this real quick

we're gonna move this a little bit more

all right smells already really good i'm

telling you paprika if you have a hard


like seasoning your stuff paprika

paprika okay this is what we're gonna do

we are going to

go ahead and drain the beans and the

corn so when you get a can

big tip here always get reduced sodium

or no salt added if they have them

because it just blows the hell out of


if you don't so get a strainer

let's go ahead and do this big tip here

as well what you want to do

is also water this down to get all the

gut i'm going to call it

guck all right we don't want any of the

guts that's like where all the sodium is


all the bad stuff so essentially this

really is no salt added we just kind of

move it around with water strain it out

it's just naturally going to become just

regular cooked

black beans but without cooking it's

going to save you tons of time

this is meal prep time efficient so

check that out this is essentially

drained out move it around

just salt lay it around then i have like

my meal prep stuff right over here i'm

gonna get that out

just go ahead and get something to put

the black beans in

there you have it easy as that we're

gonna put it to the side for now

then we're gonna also do the corn now

yes you could clean the strainer you

know then do the corn but

we ain't got time for that ladies and

gentlemen we're gonna use the same one

we did stockings with

all right the corn this is no salt added

so it's literally just in water

but i like to drain it out a little bit

more as well

again it really does make a difference

i'm telling you

slacks are canned items it's going to

save you lots of time but just make sure

you know you're really avoiding

all the salt and you're straining it out

very important here

all right and that's done we're going to

literally do the same exact thing we did

with the black beans

boom so what's cool here is we're not

going to use all these right so

you already have kind of like some

carbohydrates prepped up and a little

bit of protein with the black beans

so boom that's already its own little

separate meal prep so let's go ahead

check up okay 30 seconds 30 seconds

that is going we got the ground turkey

and the rice hopefully going

we're running out of time here guys not

really we have like 10 minutes left

okay we're gonna move this around a

little bit more about a ball

so look at that it is nice and juicy

and you can smell like the spices

again if you guys have trouble flavoring

up your proteins

just the garlic powder onion powder

garlic salt

uh pepper and the paprika all right

there you have it the oatmeal

has officially been completed we're

gonna let this sit again

on like immediate low to medium heat

we're gonna get this sucker out

it's gonna be really hot so try to be a


anyways uh we're gonna go ahead and put

some sea salt in here

it's gonna taste make it taste a lot

better some people think this is like

the craziest thing ever but

trust me it helps a lot but we're gonna

we could also put some um

natural sweetener like stevia but i

don't have any right now but it's okay

we have some peanut

butter to flavor the sucker up so what

we're gonna do here actually

this is how you weigh out peanut butter

for those of you that don't know put

this on

right on the weight scale zero the scale

get a spoon and then

we need one tablespoon so two

tablespoons is 32 grams so obviously

32 divided by

two i have been told is 16. so they say

so they say cheating here


but zero calories okay they're gonna mix

this up

it's gonna become like all shake and if

you are

a subscriber to my youtube channel you

know very well we are huge supporters

of this thick squad okay we love

the hashtag squat anyways uh once this

is mixed in

look at that it's already getting

thicker just like how we like it huh

and then we're gonna put one banana in

there so let's go ahead and chop up this


we need like a knife here nice where'd

it go there's somewhere here

live here bro ah man okay somewhere here

there we have it

nice yeah i live here but i'm like

struggling right now so we're going to

go ahead and just chop up

a banana this oats

he's under pressure he's under pressure

under pressure oh

snap i might get a copyright claim for

that so let's uh ignore that youtube

anyways uh i'm literally about to cut my

freaking hand off i'm sure so many

chefs are watching this right now being

like what are you doing dude

stop but i'm no pro guys i just like to

make games and you know easily you know

cook up food and

anyways okay holy crap i forgot one


we need another pan to cook up the eggs

and egg whites we're gonna get another

pan real quick out here

sorry i completely forgot about this

guys bam we got ourselves

another pan for the eggs and egg whites

look i promise it literally just took me

a few seconds i'm not cheating here but


this is pretty much done cooking it's

been 10 minutes it's gonna cook itself a

little bit more just chilling the pan so

we're gonna put this right over here

and it's already been heating up we're

just gonna let it sit for a second with

some cooking spray

just so you know the eggs and egg whites

don't stick we're gonna move this around

just a little bit as well because you

don't want this to like stick

right on the pan on the bottom if you do

leave it sitting for too

long and then while we're waiting for

the other pan to heat up

what we're gonna do we're running out of

space here i need a bigger kitchen


we're gonna move the white rice around a

little bit we're gonna turn this down as

well because we're like

butchering this again i'm doing this in

an aggressive way because we're doing

this in 15 minutes so

all right anyways let's go ahead get the

eggs egg whites

all right so typically you want to wait

till the pan is a little bit more heated

up but we're gonna go ahead and just

crack open the eggs and egg whites so

check it out

a lot of you surprisingly like for some

people you might think this is

very easy but most people like don't

know how to separate egg whites

from whole eggs so this is how you do it

we're gonna use two whole eggs for this

meal right meal number one

then we're gonna use four egg whites so

this is exactly dude you crack it

the balm and just kind of like move it

back and forth okay literally just like

bobby flay or something but

anyways there you have it one egg white

we're gonna do this four times

for four different egg whites so you can


buy cartoned egg beaters guys which are

literally just egg whites

in a carton which make things a lot more

easier and more convenient but keep in

mind if you're on like an extreme budget

maybe you're like a student or something

i used to avoid them as a student

because they're a lot more expensive

it's like

five plus dollars for literally like

what 10 egg whites

versus something super cost effective

like this

so this is the most cost effective

method for eating egg whites

anyways guys it's pretty much like done

here boom four egg whites

two whole eggs what we're gonna do is

crack some sea salt on top just like so

and then a little bit of pepper at least

the last bit we have

left okay we literally don't have any

left so never mind

uh we're gonna move this rice put the

heat down

look at that it's almost done cooking

guys it has been

check it out 11 minutes and the rice is

almost done

the ground turkey is done the egg whites

are cooking the oatmeal is done and then

we have meal number three which is super


i'll show you that in a moment but

anyways let's move this around a little

bit more

so we don't start a fire in the house

and then let's set up the meals so

check this out anyways let's go ahead

and set up meal number three we're gonna

stop a little bit bowl

we're going to get a cup which is going

to be

170 grams or 225 grams

of greek yogurt another spoon

and measure out the greek yogurt

this is the last meal today meal number

three so you can have this

like during the night or something like

that okay

all right almost there pretty much it


we also have a banana on top so two

bananas here

you can switch up one piece of fruit

either you know the oats or the one with

the yogurt

with something different so you have

more variety but honestly this is what i


left in my house so we're doing two

bananas check that out

and what we're gonna do we're getting

crazy here

are you ready is you ready

what we're gonna do is

throw in if i can find it some cinnamon

and again you could also put some um

zero calorie sweetener like stevia but i

don't have any

so keep that in mind all right guys

we're turning off

this because the rice is really really

done right now

check that out and then we're also going

to turn

off this because the eggs

are done cooking check that out okay

all right guys so what we're going to do

now we're going to set up

eggs before they burn

about a boom damn i am feeling myself

today this is what happens

when you watch the food network for the

first time like a glass of wine or


you think you're like some expert and

you end up making a 1500 calorie uh

meal prep video right that's not what


totally not


okay let's go ahead and move on we have

meal number one

check that out guys look at that oatmeal

like a standard bodybuilding you know

breakfast or you know post fast i like

to break my pasta something like this

we're gonna get a bowl where's our bowls

oh my gosh we need another bowl three

two one boom and we got ourselves

another boss where it took like two

seconds okay i promise anyway

let's go ahead set up meal number two we

are running out of time here and i'm


really nervous guys all right we need

200 grams

of white rice check that out cooked

weight by the way

check that out yeah baby

yeah baby carbs on carb all right 200


need six ounces of cooked cooked here

okay cooked

uh 937 ground turkey

boom all right

that's two servings by the way so if you

were to weigh this out raw it would be

eight ounces okay

just half a serving of corn so the 60


all right one serving is 120 grams

all right zero it out again

we need half a serving of black beans

which is 65 grams because 130 grams

that's one serving

all right and then we are going to throw


some chopped spinach


all right there you have it guys okay

15 minutes 37 seconds

i'm still going to title this 15 minutes

all right we're gonna round uh we're

gonna round 16.

okay we're gonna somehow round down all

right anyways guys

that is going to be 1500 calories

in 15 minutes check this out let me go

ahead and like organize this

really quickly and then we're gonna

individually see how much calories

carbs proteins and fats is in each meal

for meals one through

three then also the total amount of

calories and macros in the entire 1500

calorie worth of meal prep for weight

loss all right

all right so i've got all 1500 calories

in 15 minutes

right in front of me so check it out

meal number one consisted of the

half a cup of cooked oatmeal in one cup

of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

with the banana on top along with the

two whole eggs and four egg whites

so the total calories and macros in meal

number one

consisted of 589 calories coming from 59

grams of carbs 25 grams of fat

and 37 grams of protein so meal number


is gonna consist of 200 grams of the

cooked weiss

with six ounces of cooked 937 ground


along with some spinach on top for some

vegetables with

half a serving of canned reduced sodium

black beans along with half a serving of

the canned no salt added old kernel corn

so the total macros and calories in meal

number two

consisted of 697 calories coming from 74

grams of carbs

18 grams of fat and 52 grams of protein

so meal number three

is going to be one cup of the non-fat

greek yogurt with one banana and some

cinnamon on top

and it's good we're gonna devour this

after this video let's be real

anyways meal number three the total

calories and macros

in meal number three consisted of 235


coming from 36 grams of carbs 0 grams of

fat and 24

grams of protein let's go ahead and

figure out the total amount of calories

and macros

in all of these meals


so the total macros and calories in

today's meal prep for weight loss which


1500 calories in 15 minutes

consisted of 1521 calories coming from

169 grams of carbs 42 grams of fat

and 114 grams of protein so

keep in mind guys this is only 1500

calories i'm sure there's lots of you

out there

who need to eat more especially more

than 114 grams of protein

even if your weight is or your goal is

to lose weight i would recommend

try adding in like maybe two scoops of

protein or you know around

six to eight ounces more chicken breasts

into this diet

just to bump up the protein by around 40

to 50 grams unless you're a female

this would work very well but again this

is just 1500 calories done

in 15 minutes so i really hope you all

enjoyed this video if you want to see

more meal prep challenges i could do

more calories or less calories and less

or more time

let me know in the comment section down

below and of course just simply

like the video i would generally

appreciate if you just drop the like


right now but thank you so much for

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can't wait to see every single one of


in the next video