4 Easy tips on how to pay off your 30 year mortgage in 15 years or less!

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welcome back to bullying bear poor guys

my name is crawl today's video is about

how to reduce your thirty-year mortgage

down to less than half yeah that's how I

did it I took out a 30-year mortgage

when I bought my house it was a duplex

duplex it's like a two family but my

part of the house was bigger and this is

a house hack that ended up being I'm

staying you know because the cost of

living so expensive the thing is to get

out of debt as soon as possible

especially when you're younger so this

was my tips and tricks and how I reduced

my 30-year mortgage to actually 11 and a

half years I think it was a little like

11 and a half years or so it's gonna be

three basic steps to get there

number one when you get the mortgage I

started soon after maybe a couple years

afterwards change your mortgage to a buy

monthly payment which means that you'll

pay instead of one mortgage payment

every every month you pay two payments

one every two weeks like every house

would have a month it's the same payment

cut in half and what it does is it

reduces the interest you're paying a

little quicker on that half payment

because you're putting it in towards

principle a little bit faster so it's

reducing the interest on half the month

on top of that by doing that sort of

schedule you're adding in like an extra

payment but spread out evenly because of

the way the months work and you know

things like down two weeks so you're

putting in like another half or one

payment a month you know I could you

know easily so you're not like going

crazy so every other week you know

you're making a payment who will pay

minimum payment that's a trick number

one you could call up your bank and

there might be a little fee for it but

trust me to get you on this path to

reduce your mortgage as fast as possible

it was worth it and that's what I did

all right step number two that was an

easy one but not another trick I'll tell

you about this in a little bit is I'll

tell you right now another trick that

keeps you motivated is if you're a

mortgage fine get

get the online link on how to how to log

into your mortgage and like I had thing

with Bank of America and I was able to

login to Bank of America your mortgage

usually the hub oh you can check out

your payment status and your history and

all that stuff and get that information

now access so you can log in easily and

you can see and it shows your list up

okay okay you have this many payments

this is your principal balance at the

top and every time you make that half

payment it'll show you now you have 30

30 years they have 29 years you know it

shows you the months like backtracking

because you're kind of prepaying a

little bit a little bit each time and it

shows you your balance reducing so keeps

you motivated so that's that's one trick

I do and I kept going back to that and

and it's like a disease once you start

seeing the debt reduction you start

getting yourself like I can do this I

can do it harder I want to hate harder

and that's what you need you need

motivation so that's it's a key part of

this whole process is being motivated to

get rid of that debt another nother

trick trick number two add a little bit

extra each month to that principal pain

repayment yeah that's right every month

on the first let me get like it's it's

like your electric payment how do I get

that money I can't afford it you can

afford it you can find it I mean people

go to Starbucks they dapeng five dollars

for frappuccinos you're just dig a

little bit even if it's fifty bucks a

month a hundred bucks a month get a

part-time job if you have to just do

inside things maybe it's related to your

business maybe it's not maybe it's

delivering pizzas on the side maybe it's

whatever you can figure out maybe it's

adding a couple extra hours a week at

your job if they allow overtime you can

do some overtime once once a week make a

few extra bucks put it towards an

envelope saying this is principal

repayment right in there don't even

bother it or doing online business try

to try to write a book sell something

online find a product anything you want

as long as you make a little extra money

$50 a month $100 a month

$500 a month whatever you do it - that

side business gets a little bit more

profitable put that little extra more

and more into the mortgage payment as

principal only in the first time I'll do

it like every month

it's kind of a nice hit on the first

month and you'll see the results like if

you engineer every two couple weeks it's

a little bit too many and too much

activity so I do I did it once a month

and beginning in a month

whenever I saved up extra on the side

gigs or whatever I had extra overtime we

did a little better

I put dining for the extra mortgage

payment then I would lock back into the

website here's the motivation part check

it out

boom all I mean extra fried or

non-payment now it's twenty eight and a

half years you know twenty eight and

forty years you know a really it's

starting when you do that kind of thing

it adds up this is the number 3 tip

number three this is the best one when

you get your tax return if you get a

nice refund pretend like you never

received it some years I had maybe four

or five thousand on tax returns I just

put the check sign you'll put in my bank

man another cheque right to the mortgage

company boom pretending like it never

happened never saw when you get those

kind of chunk at additions your mortgage

literally your mortgage payment will go

from twenty eight no more doing a

bi-monthly will already reduce your

mortgage from a 30-year downs like it's

25 24 just like that just by doing that

one thing then you start doing the extra

little bit each month from side jobs

then it's 23 22 21 then you get those

tax returns you just slam it in there

one shot also since 20 years took two

years off your principal off your off

your mortgage payment and then you're

getting rid of that 10-year block that's

the key then you get into the 20s and

you start you start chipping away hard

you get motivated you do it more and get

more side gigs side you start getting

maybe a little bit better maybe the side

business you have a little better make

it more generating more profits who

knows what you're doing you got a raise

at work raise put in towards principle

boom do that that was a big factor and

then just chipping away at it until it

before you know it's like 18 years 17

years 16 15 14 and then you get to

loving and then you know however long it

takes you and I paid it off in 11 a half

years for a 30-year mortgage payment so

that's my take tips and tricks on how

you can get rid of your 30-year mortgage


and of course my biggest tip was I

bought a two-family house as my first

house that was a house hack they call

him now

but back then I looked at it as a little

bit of an insurance policy I figured it

was a main floor with the finished

basement with a kitchen and stuff so

before we ate kids I even went down the

basement to get more money putting it

right towards the mortgage and then the

second floor is identical to the first

floor it's like a living room dining

room kitchen three bedrooms two floors

plus the connected basement that was

part of the first floor once I had the

kids and I already was chipping away at

the mortgage good enough I kept it

downstairs which is this room here it's

ultimate just like it was like a

thousand or 1,100 square feet it's

really nice and then the house had that

that extra payment on the second unit

helped pay for the taxes so it wasn't

out of your pocket so then all the money

you mean you could go towards the extra

principle payments that is like just

such an important thing that some people

were like I don't want it to family I

don't want to have to deal with it but

trust me there's people who Bloods of

one family it's all on your back if you

have a two family you have a little help

paying off that mortgage faster that's

another major factor that I count to

getting rid of that 11 year I mean

30-year mortgage in 11 and a half years

was the multifamily to family plus all

these other three ticks and tips and

tricks to get you there quicker plus to

stay motivated by getting on the website

and tracking your progress which gives

you a good visual on where you're at and

how like it's like a feedback loop you

get more excited as you get it more

aggressive at it and then it keeps you

motivated just I can't say more enough

than that the motivation is just awesome

okay guys and being financially DEP 3

it's even more awesome where every penny

you make after that is for you it's for

investing in your future and your

financial freedom and that is the best

part of all okay guys so I hope I helped

you out get you motivated to get rid of

that 30-year mortgage in half the time

okay if you have any comments or any any

other suggestions you want to make leave

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