How to Water Cut: Lose 15lbs in ONE week

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what is up guys it's your boy Matt

Malloy back with another video and today

as promised we're doing how to water cut

let's get started I'm gonna run you guys

through the exact water protocol that I

used to cut down from 195 pounds to 181

pounds and time span of two days for

line state two competition and this is

also the same water cut protocol that

I'm gonna be using to cut down again for

USS lightweight nationals understand

that this is not an actual weight loss

technique this is solely water

manipulation that is two protocols it is

a water loading protocol and a sweating

protocol to lose weight quickly for a

competition and then quickly gain it

back this is not going to give you

permanent weight loss also understand

that at its core water manipulation is

simply dehydration techniques which

carries risk with it what I'm gonna

teach you guys is what I consider to be

the most risk-free way to cut water out

of your system but at the end of the day

you are still dehydrating yourself to a

pretty intense degree and that can carry

some risk with it so I want you guys to

understand that this is not something I

would recommend pulling off for your

first strongman competition ever and

this is more technique that is used to

keep you competitive at the lightest

body weight you can possibly be take the

process seriously understand what you

are doing why you are doing it and also

understand that you should not be

putting yourself in danger for a

competition that's my disclaimer for

water cutting let's cut right into the

video though this process is going to be

a 6 day process 3 water loading days two

days of cutting water carbs and sodium

out of your diet and then the last day

is gonna be your way and day which is

also gonna be a refeed and rehydrate day

and if you lose me at any point during

this video just go down check the

description of everything written down

for you right there this protocol has a

strongman competition in mind which are

almost always on a Saturday and you get

to weigh in the day in advance on Friday

so you'd be starting this protocol on

Sunday leading up to that weigh-in on


use Freddy to refeed and then you go

into your competition on Saturday

ideally there's only

one sucky day in this whole process and

that is the day right before you weigh

in when you've basically cut water and

your intake in terms of calories down to

a bare minimum but other than that the

whole process should feel basically okay

that's the grand overview I'm gonna

break it down for you step by step

starting on Sunday all the way to the

weigh-in and the first step of this

process is water loading water loading

may seem counterintuitive at first if

the goal here is to flush out as much

water from our system as possible but

that's actually the exact key part that

water loading plays in this process by

consuming far more water than we

actually need we force our body into a

really efficient cycle of eliminating

water waste from our system the cool

thing here is it takes our body a little

while to catch up to this process even

after you stop consuming water so on

there's two days that you start to cut

out water you're still going to be

limiting more and more water from your

system because of this protocol now the

protocol I did was very simple it's just

a little linear increase to gallons on

Sunday 2.5 gallons on Monday and 3

gallons on Tuesday now you see varying

amounts of how many gallons are

recommended for water loading protocol

some will only go up to 2 gallons

others will go up to 3 gallons it

doesn't really matter guys I went up to

3 ounces to be absolutely sure but you

should not have to go above 3 gallons to

effectively water load this part of the

process is actually surprisingly easy

guys I am NOT a huge eater by any means

and I was able to drink 3 gallons

easy as long as you space it out

throughout the day you're not gonna have

a rough time at all just always have one

of these guys on hand and you'll be able

to make it just fine the Waterloo does

have two side effects to it though you

will perspire more so you'll be sweating

a whole bunch on this water lude and

that's not too terrible the big one

though is you're going to be religiously

going to the bathroom like every 20 or

30 minutes fortunately there's no way to

get around this it's just kind of part

of the game guys so just keep in mind if

you have a certain day-to-day life

situation a certain job situation that

you are going to be going to the


every 30 minutes and you should keep

that accounted for also a good thing to

mention is

during this part of the protocol I did

nothing different with my diet so

nothing changed with sodium levels

nothing changed with carbohydrate levels

where my macros at all I ate as I

normally would for a given week so

really aside from having to carry around

a gallon jug and going to the bathroom a

whole bunch this part of the process

should be pretty smooth sailing this

brings us up to Wednesday and this is

where we're going to cut out these

sodium carbohydrates and really cut down

on our water intake for this day we're

gonna drop our water intake all the way

down to a half gallon and the other

thing we're gonna mess with is our carbs

and sodium level remove carbohydrates

and sodium I would suggest getting them

to as close to zero as you possibly can

you absolutely need carbs no more than

50 grams on this day and for sodium just

try to eliminate as much as possible

no salt on your food no pre salted foods

you'll see things like protein shakes

have a miniscule amount of sodium in it

don't worry about that but don't be

packing on the salt onto your food this

day this is simply because both

carbohydrates and sodium hold on to

water in our body and we're trying to

minimize our body's ability to retain

water so by cutting both sodium and

carbohydrates out we're minimizing our

body's ability to hold on to the water

we consume this is kind of the beginning

stages of the true water cut so we're

limiting our body's ability to retain

water and at the same time we're also

limiting how much water we're taking in

this part of the process actually isn't

so bad either a half gallon of water is

more than enough to get through the day

without feeling any side effects and the

only thing that may have you feeling

groggy is not having any carbohydrates

in your system some good food to get you

through the day would be some lean meats

eggs unsalted nuts non starchy

vegetables and keep in mind that while

you can't use salt you can use other

spices so peppers in play if you're a

spicy person red chili flakes stuff like

that garlic all that stuff is still in

place so you can have flavorful food

without the salt also keep in mind this

is one of the days where the weight loss

will begin to occur so towards the tail

end of this

I definitely recommend weighing yourself

to kind of see how much weight you have

lost through the water loading protocol

and through cutting out carbohydrates

and salt just to see where you stand

heading into Thursday and that will kind

of determine what you can play around

with on Thursday all right so that

brings us to Thursday day before

weigh-ins home stretch but unfortunately

this is the day where you're probably

gonna be feeling it my unfortunate

recommendation for this day is cutting

down intake on everything so bare

minimum water

Behrman own intake on food regardless of

what it is depending on where you're

standing with your weight at most and I

mean at most one quarter of a gallon of

water will be acceptable and I'd just

keep it to sip to get you through the

day and if you need something to kind of

satiate your stomach I'd recommend

unsalted almonds or egg whites and again

small small portions just enough to kind

of get you through the day if you're

cutting it really close on making weight

I would just cut out the middleman get

rid of any extra variables in play here

and go with no intake for this day and

guarantee that you're gonna make weight

gonna be straight up with you guys this

part of the process is going to be

extremely uncomfortable be prepared for

that but you will get through it

and then the very next day that very

next morning you'll be able to refeed

rehydrate get everything you need back

in your system to these same vain

however Thursday going into Friday

morning is when the health concerns are

going to be at an all-time high you're

gonna be at your most depleted so pay

attention to yourself again do not end

up in a hospital do not end up hurting

yourself over a competition

now if you've survived up to this point

all you have to do now is get yourself

to weigh-ins as soon as you are allowed

to you want to be taking full advantage

of the fact that you were able to weigh

in 24 hours in advance as soon as those

doors are open for weigh in you're in

you're making weight and then you're

getting right back out getting started

on getting rehydrated and refeeding now

after you weigh in you're gonna be

feeling some type of way and want to

consume just absolutely everything in


proximity but I'm here to tell you just

chill our digestive systems don't

exactly do - well from eating absolutely

nothing to eating absolutely everything

if you don't want to throw up an hour

after you've weighed in I would suggest

taking it slow for the first hour of

eating first concern here is getting

yourself rehydrated again a big go-to

here or Pedialyte or Gatorade so you're

getting both the fluids in and

electrolytes into your system to replace

everything that we have flushed out of

the system now I'm here to tell you

there's no better feeling than that

first sip of liquid after the water cut

but pace yourself out small sips over 30

minutes to an hour to see how your

body's going to react to the intake of

fluid and food once you've confirmed

that you're not going to be feeling

nauseous or get sick that's when it's no

holds bar on food you want this to be

the most glorious of all cheat days you

could ever achieve you want to get your

electrolytes back in check obviously you

want to get hydration status up and

running and then you want to be eating a

whole bunch of carbohydrates to get our

muscle glycogen back in order whatever

it is that's going to get you to eat

more eat it whether it's your favorites

like pizza burgers fast food anything at

all that will get you continuously

eating continuously getting more

nutrients in your body over the day keep

eating it it's more important here that

you're loading up on all of these

nutrients than where they're actually

coming from for this give and a big

caveat here though is do not get

yourself sick eating all of this food if

you get yourself sick you're essentially

flushing all of those nutrients out

again and you're just gonna have to

restart this whole process okay so

that's your week in an overview in terms

of how you're gonna be eating and

drinking the other part that I mentioned

for this protocol was sweating

a water load protocol is good enough to

lose you a few pounds in and of itself

mine got me to about eight or nine

pounds of weight loss the other part of

this equation however is sweating the

rest of that water weight out thankfully

this is really simple as well basically

you just got to do it so you can fit the

sweating protocol starting on Wednesday

evening you'll have all day Thursday to

fit sweat sessions in

an absolute worst-case scenario Friday

morning gonna recommend you to processes

for how you can choose to sweat the

first is real simple real old-school is

layering up in sweats if you need to

garbage bag or sauna suit and just doing

30 minutes of some light cardio and just

sweating it out the old-school way this

is what I choose to go with really

straightforward some light cardio

nothing that's gonna really make you

sore or anything like that

you've got incline treadmill walking

which is really low-impact rower

Aerodyne all those sort of cardio

machines where you can just kind of spin

your wheels but not really accrue any

muscle soreness or just some light body

weight cardio the goal here is not so

much exercise as it is just producing

heat to cause you to sweat and release

that extra fluid about 30 minute bouts

stop dry off weigh yourself see how much

kind of progress you're making with

these bouts and then continue going as

needed the second option you have is

sweating through a hot bath and you take

the temperature of the water to where it

is bearable on your skin so the highest

degree possible to bear on your skin

without burning yourself and you just

kind of sit and soak in that if you want

you can throw a hot towel on your face

and you will sweat like crazy a lot of

people like the sound of this at first

why exercise being you just chill in a

hot bath but when you're taking the

water to this high of a degree the bath

is very very draining I played around

with both and I would actually consider

the hot bath to be more energy demanding

as compared to the exercise 15 minutes

in that hot bath and you will feel like

the life has just been sucked out of you

but if this is the protocol you want to

use the method here would be 15 minutes

in the bath 15 minutes out of the bath

and I would dry yourself off as soon as

you get out of the bath and if you

really want to take it to that next

level you can kind of put hot towels on

you while you're waiting to go back in

the bath same deal with the exercise

weigh yourself to kind of see that you

are losing some weight with this

protocol and that it's not just being

reabsorbed these sweating procedures are

really how you kind of squeeze out all

of the

sure wait you possibly can the water

load will get you so far

and these sweating protocols will kind

of bring you home same kind of risk

warning here as with dehydrating

yourself you can overheat yourself

rather quickly without realizing it and

get yourself into a bad state with both

the exercise and especially with the hot


so monitor yourself get yourself out if

you need to or stop exercising if you

need to do not pass out in the name of a

water cut keep in mind that results do

vary with water cuts guys so it is hard

to tell how much weight you're actually

going to lose yourself until you just do

it which is an unfortunate part of the

process but other than that you can't

guarantee yourself they're going to lose

X amount of weight over X amount of time

without trying other than that that's

all I have for you guys for this video

if you have any questions at all on the

water cutting process just leave them

down in the comments below and I will

get to them other than that thanks so

much for checking out the video guys

thanks so much for stopping by the

channel I hope you learned a thing or

two I hope see eyes all in another video

I'll see you guys