How to cut an inside 135 degree crown molding corner

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here we have an inside 135 degree angle

if you can't see the corner that's

because it has a smooth radius you'll

also see 135 degree corners where the

two walls come together with a sharp

edge either way our corners are cut in

the same manner while we call it 135

degree angle the molding is actually

only turning 45 degrees each molding

piece that comes together to create the

corner contributes equally to that turn

so each only has to be cut at a twenty

two and a half degree angle okay let's

go make our cuts all of the corner cuts

we make will be put into the saw in the

same way the only thing we need to

change is the miter angle of the cut the

bevel angle if you have a compound miter

will always be set to zero now just to

illustrate how we're going to cut all

our pieces let's take a look at the