How to measure and cut angles for baseboard, crown moulding, etc

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welcome to sawdust and wood my name is

Chris today I'm going to teach you how

to find inside and outside angles and

how to transfer that to cut baseboards

or crown molding or any other trim

material you need to cut


I want to walk y'all over to the miter

saw and show y'all exactly what I'm

doing when I say let's say for instance

I have a 90 degree angle it's acute and

I know I need to 45 degree cuts so right

here is right on the zero that's a

perfect right angle so when I want to

cut a 90 degree corner I need two 45s

so I just rotate over so I get to 45 and

it locks in I take my boy down on my cut

hold it tight against the back right

here really tight if you don't hold it

tight and flush and to push it down your

minors are not gonna be good and tight