How to measure and cut angles for baseboard, crown moulding, etc

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welcome to sawdust and wood my name is

Chris today I'm going to teach you how

to find inside and outside angles and

how to transfer that to cut baseboards

or crown molding or any other trim

material you need to cut


I want to walk y'all over to the miter

saw and show y'all exactly what I'm

doing when I say let's say for instance

I have a 90 degree angle it's acute and

I know I need to 45 degree cuts so right

here is right on the zero that's a

perfect right angle so when I want to

cut a 90 degree corner I need two 45s

so I just rotate over so I get to 45 and

it locks in I take my boy down on my cut

hold it tight against the back right

here really tight if you don't hold it

tight and flush and to push it down your

minors are not gonna be good and tight

if you got any bit of play out with the

wood at the woods leaning like this your

minors are not gonna match up good so if

you have any issues check these two

things I'll make one 45 on this side and

I would swing all the way back over at

the 45 degree here this is our first

practice piece we can pretend this is a

wall corner and we need to cut trim to

go around around it so I have my angle

finder zeroed out

hold it straight and now we read zero

now I come around to angle

I'm gonna show you what it's reading

90.1 all right so I know my angle is 90

points one the point ruling is

insignificant so we'll call a ninety

degree angle and that's what all your

wall corners should be sometimes they're

off a little bit business so ninety

ninety degrees so any angle 90 degrees

or less is an acute angle not a to make

the cuts for that you just divide that

number by two and set your soul on that

so for ninety it would be a forty five

cut and another forty five cut degrees

so set my soul to 45 degrees and I'm

gonna make one cut then swing it over to

my other 45 degrees so what idea was I

cut two 45-degree cuts to make it 90

alright so I have my two cuts let's see

how accurate it was so this would be

your baseboard you would line up you

would line it up just like this get out

the light so you can see

and there you go that's a 90 degree

angle split about 245 degrees all right

so let's recap what we just did we had

we measured our angle there's 90.1 you

can take that point one off and you got

a 90 degree angle 90 degrees divided by

two equals 45 any angle 90 degrees or

less is an acute angle all right all we

go to our next angle now let's do the

inside let's do the inside corner

here's your wall running here and you

need to put some trim on the inside so I

got my angle finder already laid out on

there and it is reading 110 degrees on

that angle so in just two ways now this

is an obtuse angle because it's 90

degrees or more I'm gonna show you two

ways to figure out your cuts on a tus

angle 110 divided by 2 equals 55 90

minus 55 equals 35

35 degrees on your miter saw there's

another way to do it two angles 110 you

put 180 divided about 110 equals 70 70

divided by 2 equals 35 now depending on

who you talk to who you watch one person

may do they use this way to do the math

and one person may use this way to do

the math but they all come up to the

same so 110 degree angle is obtuse and

the angle is obtuse you can use either

one of these two math formulas to figure

it out let's go over alright so over on

the miter saw we determine it we need to

35 degree cuts for the 110 degree angle

so I'm gonna move my saw over to 35

degrees get it here lock it in place

135-degree cut now I'm just gonna cut it

in half and moving on so 35 degrees

again on the other side now this should

fit our angle to 35 degree cuts let's go

check it out

all right we're back to our angle now I

got a to 35 degree cuts I'll put one in

place the other one in place and as you

can see it's a perfect fit all right

let's come over to our third angle and

it's another two sangil and out of the

four angles we're gonna cut today I

picked three of them to be obtuse just

because people normally struggle and

have a lot more questions without two

singles so let's see what we reading on

our angle find I've already got it there

we are reading 135 degrees so now

remember there's two ways to do the math

five to sango's here is the first way

180 minus 135 equals 45 45 divided by 2

equals 22.5 or 135 divided by 2 equals

60 7.5 90-60 7.5 equals 22.5 let's go

over and cut this alright so we

determine we had 135 degree angle we did

the math we know that 135 is obtuse we

know we need to 22.5 degree miter cuts

to make that work

they're gonna be inside cuts by the way

because we're doing inside corners I

forgot to mention that in the previous

step to the second miter we cut so 22.5

on my saw and I said this in my other

video if you watched before it at 22.5

is a common setting to 22.5 cuts let's

go to see how it works

all right back at all make fort in wall

right here I'll take my first piece 22.5

get it right in place take my other

piece 22.5 and we will fit it in place

and they fit perfect you can't get both

hands on it cuz I'm holding the camera

one am but matters too perfect miters to

complete that angle here's the math

again both ways

that I come up with that cut

all right we all until a final angle a

fourth angle and I'm sure y'all know how

to cut obtuse and acute angles at this

point let's do one more angle just to

make sure y'all got it got my angle

finder on this angle and this is an

inside angle 125 degrees so I already

did the math for us let's go over to

math remember there's two ways to do it

here is the first way 125 degrees

divided by two equals sixty two point

five 90 minus sixty two point five

equals twenty-seven point five that's

your cutter you might have saw twenty

seven point five the way is 180 minus

125 equals 55 55 divided by two equals

twenty seven point five same cut on the

miter saw now let's go make those cuts

so we had a hundred





just cut the piece in half I'm gonna go

to the other side twenty seven point

five degrees to twenty seven point five

degree cuts let's go see how it measures

up all right we're back to wall make for

ten wall ankle take the first twenty

seven point five degree cut put it in

take the second one man comes out



thanks for watching today I hope

everyone learn how to cut up juice and

acute angles on a miter saw now you

ready to lay baseboards crown molding

anything with angles that you need to do

remember for acute angles 2/2 and it'll

give you your cut on a miter saw for

example if it's an 80 degree angle

divide that by 2 it's 40 degrees to 40

degree cuts when you might have saw on

our 2 sangil's use the 2 math formulas I

showed y'all and there's nothing to it

just remember something you could do

this get out there get some wood in your

hand get your saw and let's cut some

angles thanks for watching please

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