How to Cut Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tiles - Tile Mountain

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hi I'm Craig Phillips and welcome to my

tiling trade tips but I'm going to be

revealing my top DIY secrets to help you

save money and time on this episode I'm

going to be showing you how to cut large

format tiles

now it's essential to have the right

equipment to cut your tires the staff at

our mountain are happy to help you in an

advanced yet what's the right tag for

your type of tiles this particularly one

I'm about to cut is a 1200 millimeters

long by 600 millimeters wide and I'm

going to cut it the full length now the

unit I'm about to use is a 1250

millimeter straight railed tile cutter

I've got it fixed down to a workbench

I've placed my tile in the center of it

I've got my mark where I'm about to cut

I have pushed it all the way up to the

front to make sure it's square on the