How To Cut Porcelain Tiles by Hand with Grinder without Chipping. Testing Diamond Blades 4 Tiling

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today we're going to be looking at

cutting using different types of blades

and how well they cut our porcelain tile

or ceramic tile so when you start you

don't let your hand stop you go right

through and you'd be surprised how

straight you're gonna end up cutting so

we're gonna do cuts two cuts and let's

see which one's better some rigid lines

and then there are some additional holes

probably to dissipate the heat what's

going on guys so today's video we're

gonna take a look at two grinder blades

that you can cut porcelain tiles with

now we're gonna review them to see which

one is better one is a little corset

I've used it probably for the last three


even to do this entire built-in unit

here so this is all porcelain tile cut

so I did this manually by hand I found

this beautiful edging here and I placed

it all around and it actually closed the

entire front face of this built-in TV

and fireplace quite beautifully I found

that at Home Depot in the ceiling area

where you have the drop ceiling and we

painted it white to sort of match the

rest of the the tile now but if you look

at the very very top there and I need to

do a little cut there and I need to do

cuts right along there and then finally

right in there and because I don't want

to put a crown molding out top I wanted

to see what kind of blade would be able

to cut a little sliver like this in a

tile so I was talking to a really good

friend of mine he owns a construction


I'm gonna leave his I guess information

in the description he lent me a little

hand grinder where the blade and he said

that this cuts like butter so we're

gonna test that versus the one that I

have if we can't pull this off I may

need to find access to a table wet saw

but the process of using those saws is

super slow because you have to be very

careful and perfectly straight so it

doesn't actually bust and crack the tile

that's why you know most

contractors use the manual method or

they use the little scoring machine we

have two samples one we're going to try

and cut with my blinder the one that

everything here and the bricks

downstairs and then the other ones will

be cut with Louisa's one of the blades

has holes and skewed lines on the edge

and we're using a bosch four and a half

inch grinder and the other one is a

Ryobi and it's also using a four and a

half inch grinder now this one was sold

with the ryobi machine whereas this is a

custom blade purchased at a specialty

tile store but I will leave links in the

description so you guys can grab it as

well we're gonna do a test to see which

one is gonna cut the tile smoother

before we get to the test make sure you

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channel so here is our test template

we've drew straight lines and we're

gonna see which one performs better

we're gonna do Bosch first boss we're

gonna do Rio be the Bosch Rio V so we're

gonna do cuts to cuts and let's see

which one's better

the just a little sliver it's not a

little cut you can see there's still

dress the little ridges here let's try

the first line of Ryobi


very similar to the above in terms of

the amount of ridges actually outward I

even want to say that Bosch has more so

now let's do a straight cut right

through so you're gonna have to go

through a couple times so let's switch

back to our Bosch

obviously want to clean this up but the

ridges didn't really expand it's still

the same exact amount that would twice

the first time so now let's do a rye

you'll be cover



as you can see a track and the tire

right through and not only that and

there's also an additional divots in

here right as you're coming in and it

didn't really do it straight cut so

let's do one more test just to make sure

again we're gonna do it with the Bosch


okay so this one did a little worse job

than the first one and got like a little

chip on the bottom tile but the top

seems to be nice it's finish it right



if you look at the bottom is very pretty

reasonable and it didn't crack under

pressure all right so let's do the final

test with the right



okay you can see here is that again a

little more chips then the Bosch plate

so let's cut this right through

you can see there's a lot more chips

here and this time I managed to cut

serve probably because I was going a

little slower but that's not necessarily

a good thing especially if you did it

for a living so from this test here I

can definitely see that Bosch is

probably a better way to go you know so

this is our test the weight is

definitely the one from Bosch now

there's also a possibility and then this

plate is just so worn out and old and

that's why it's doing it but I think I'm

gonna give this one a try just because

it did do a little better on the drop

cutting and it went through much faster

so now let's take our actual piece and

let's cut it


all right so I am actually very

impressed with the cut edge it's

actually extremely extremely good if you

were to put some caulking on here some

silicone or even some grout

I could definitely even see that this

could be an edge you can definitely lose

this to be a real edge now let's take a

look at our cut piece so I cut these

definitely it has some widgets but as

you can see this is a smooth cut here

and overall I think I'm pretty happy

with this one so we're gonna go and give

Bosch and this blade a thumbs up versus

the ryobi plane so when you're cutting

the tile by hand you want to make sure

you you cut with confidence so when you

start you don't let your hand stop you

go right through and you'd be surprised

how straight you're gonna end up cutting

you want to go over the same cut

basically four or five times until this

chips and then you clean up the edges

you want to make sure you have a flat

surface underneath relatively flat if

you want this to break without cutting

it so many times you can have a little

angle like this and it as you're cutting

it's gonna basically break under under

the the pressure there but I'm gonna put

it on a flat surface relatively flat

surface and I'm gonna go over this tile

several times probably four to five and

then because I want a nice clean edge




so I'm noticing that the blade has cut

through some of the areas in the tile so

now I'm gonna try and go over it so that

way I get an even crowd there we go

pretty good all right the Bosch and its

blade came out on type now this is not a

Bosch blade again I'm gonna provide you

a link in the description to where you

can actually purchase a blade similar to

this so how do you recommend you get

yourself one this will save you hundreds

and hundreds of dollars if you want to

do your do-it-yourself projects this is

the cut I'm gonna go install this on the

ceiling if you have any questions leave

them in the comments and as always make

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