How to Cut Tile for Beginners

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today we're going to be looking at

cutting using different types of blades

and how well they cut our porcelain tile

or ceramic tile so when you start you

don't let your hand stop you go right

through and you'd be surprised how

straight you're gonna end up cutting so

we're gonna do cuts two cuts and let's

see which one's better some rigid lines

and then there are some additional holes

probably to dissipate the heat what's

going on guys so today's video we're

gonna take a look at two grinder blades

that you can cut porcelain tiles with

now we're gonna review them to see which

one is better one is a little corset

I've used it probably for the last three


even to do this entire built-in unit

here so this is all porcelain tile cut

so I did this manually by hand I found