How to cut small tile without a WET SAW

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today's video I'm gonna show you how to

cut mosaic tile coming up next


hi everybody I'm Leo CJ trill and if

this is your first time here can I just

say welcome to you we're a home

improvement channel where beginners are

welcome as well now at the top of the

video I talked about these here mosaic

tile and they're really tiny and can be

a little challenging to cut but they

don't have to be I'm going to show you

how easy the process is by way of a

manual tile cutter so why don't we get

started soon this is our tile cutter

here and it's a very simplistic design

we have a handle that rides on a rail

and this rail here allows us to make a

very smooth cut by way of tiny little

wheel here

that's our cutting will and that cutting

will allows us to score our tile by

scoring across the top of the tile like

so then when we need to snap each piece

this piece of the manual tile cutter

applies pressure to the top of the tile

allows us to bear down on the handle

here now what I will tell you is this it

doesn't matter if your mosaic tile is a

fancy mosaic tile such as this tile here

or it's a plain tile you can use a

manual tile cutter to cut either it'll

do the job just fine you don't need a

wet saw to make these cuts now I've got

my tile on my tile cutter what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna score our second row

right down the middle now you would

think that you could start the tile

cutter up at the top and then pull down

but that's not what you do you start at

the bottom I'm gonna get my cutting

wheel right on the edge apply slight

pressure with the handle and we're gonna

push forward


that's the sound you want to hear that

scoring sound is what you want to hear

if you hear that you know that you're

pressing down on the handle hard enough

take your time you don't have to rush

that's it now that we've got our tile

score now it's time to snap each

individual tile but if you notice the

legs of this handle here they're longer

than the width of the tile Matt won't

service so what we'll do is we'll place

a little piece of wood underneath put

our handle right there in position and

then we'll bear down that way the weight

is really distributed evenly across the

tile that we're trying to snap and now

we just press down on the handle now

there's our tile that's been snapped

okay now we're just going to move down

to our next tile and we're going to

repeat the process if we're just gonna

follow on down there's a third one as

you can see it's snapping the tile nice

and clean there's our last tile just

snap okay now that the tile are snap all

the way across we're going to pull this

down like so so I can show you a little

bit and as you can see it's a nice clean

cut now we just flip the top over and

we're going to

to make these little small cuts you

don't have to have a wet saw a manual

tile cutter is really all you need this

is Lea saying you can do this see you

next time