How to Cut Pavers for a Brand New Summer Patio!

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serve monkey coconut just wanted to a

quick update video here's a anti

gardening video it's what I've been

working on for the past month or so what

we had here was a front a small little

patch of a garden but there's a slope

that cut from that sidewalk and it came

all the way down to this sidewalk

there's a couple hydrangeas a whole

bunch of bushes and ugly plants that we

took out it basically rendered this

whole area unusable and right now I'm

laying down some tile and have it all

laid out of the marker marked I did all

this last night to show me where to cut

and I'm right at the last stages of it

and you can see a cat paid a visit with

us last night so we got our tile here

already cut or marked off the line that

I'm going to cut all the way around I'm

just going to take this angle grinder