How to Cut and Connect LED Light Strips.

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so you just bought some new LED lighting

strips but need to customize the lengths

well today I'll show you how most of the

time you're going to be able to simply

connect them like this using a male to

male connector just make sure you line

up the arrows but a number of different

occasions will call for you to cut the

wires and either create new ends or

solder extensions so I'm going to show

you how always cut on the copper

connections you'll find every two inches

yourself remove the plastic to reveal

the circuits and make sure you remove

enough to expose the letters too you can

create a new end or connect two lines

directly now in a pinch you may need to

solder two together directly but more

likely you'll probably just want to add

a separate lead for stretches you won't

want lights but need to keep a line

running this is useful for instances

like walls or in-between windows

this is totally possible just make sure

that each line stays separated when

you're soldering and on top of that

every line has to line up exactly with

the other one so you have to connect

green to green have to connect blue to

blue and so forth otherwise no bueno

muchachos it won't work but no matter

what you connect always use a heat

shrink cover to protect the connections

indoor and outdoor are different so make

sure you get the right ones hopefully

this video helped get all of your LED

lighting strips to the correct length if

you need anything else

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