Installing laminate flooring: how to cut/saw laminate flooring

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you use these tools to work on laminate

a handsaw a jigsaw a crosscut saw a

plunger saw or a table saw laminate

flooring unfortunately never comes in

the size of your room so some soaring is

required don't be discouraged it's

remarkably smooth three ways to shorten

your boards you can do it with a regular

handsaw as well first make a short

incision and then continue to soar put

the saw line as close as possible to the

bearing surface and clamp the loose

piece down a jig saw can basically be

used for everything but ideally it's

used to cut out a shape from a board if

you want to place boards around a toilet

for example always use a fine-toothed

and have the saw rolling before you

touch the board's professional tip test

the direction of the teeth on your saw

blade this way you know if you have two

saw up or down with the deck or to

obtain a nice saw cut soaring out

slanted walls or corners then the

crosscut saw plunger saw or table saw

will come in handy set the angle you're

trying to create secure the board and

let the saw do its work do watch your

fingers need more tips then take a look

at the other Peugeot tutorials