DIY Laminate Flooring | Cutting tool

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if this thing works its gonna change DIY

flooring installation forever


so for everybody who's been watching our

flooring videos and in liking my cutter

I know it's 400 bucks it's a lot of

money so what I did is I went on Amazon

and I found the cheapest thing I could

find from a company that I loved Roberts

and I'm gonna try it out today because

it seems like it's a good lamb in a

flower cutter but I'm telling you if

this cuts vinyl as well then I'm gonna

be telling everybody to go get this

thing because it was under sixty bucks

oh yeah so full disclosure this is not a

sponsored video this is just me looking

for solutions for you so this thing

comes preassembled with two pieces oddly

enough this is just designed to put on

the floor so that it's the same height

you can put a long plank on it it'll

hold the weight so it's not falling all

over the place great idea

cute usually I just take a couple of two

by fours together but that seems to be

made for it check this guillotine out

you know what it's not even a sharp it's

just a flat blade it's about 3/16 of an

inch thick and it's not sharp so it's

not dangerous for the kids but it's just

it's designed to go right in that groove

so clean and perfect there's no option

but to cut whatever's in his way

so I'm looking for a solution for

everybody at home in the DIY world who

wants do their own flooring who doesn't

want to run up and down the stairs

cutting outside because let's face it

you know laminate flooring is really

dangerous and I saw them on the video

use this tool there's no extension on it

and it just cut through the limit like

Swiss cheese and I said to myself if

this does the same thing for vinyl we

have ourselves a winner and then I can

put this in my favorite tool list on my

Amazon page so that everybody can buy

one of these things and it shows up at

your house in 48 hours of your prime

member such a deal whew

all right it worked no there was a

little bit of extra work the lever isn't

as long as the one on my bigger Roberts

cutter are you gonna get this little bit

of garbage every single time okay now if

you're looking for a cutter and you

don't want to waste a whole lot of money

to buy a really expensive machine this

will work if you're standing up and

putting your weight on it it should be a

lot easier I'm like I've got this table

set really high for the purpose of the

video let me just try this I'll stand

back here Wow you know what I think even

if you are a pretty tiny lady if you had

this on the floor and you put your body

weight under that you'd have no problem

with that at all and I think you're

gonna save a lot of time and energy from

running up and down the stairs that is


let's face it vinyl doesn't cut very

well with a knife it's dangerous this is

not dangerous and it works click the

video if you want to know how to install

laminate more vinyl