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hi my name is Bill Nicholson I'd like to

talk to you about laminate flooring and

the reason we put this quick little

video together as we deal with a lot of

laminates in what we find remarkably as

customers are not informed that there

are different qualities of laminates and

we'd like to talk to you about that

because we see people very unhappy with

purchasers and know someone's unhappy

and it isn't because they're personally

going out there making bad decisions

it's because they're not getting the

information to make good decisions so we

put this video together to try to help

you with that so let's set up with a

board now we've taken this board we cut

it in half because we'd like to show you

that this is a 12 millimeter laminate

and commonly when you look at laminates

they're five millimeters six millimeter

seven and eight millimeter once a while

you'll see a 12 we stock a 12 because we

like this board there's two reasons we

like it a 12 millimeter board is a

heavier product it's 50% heavier and

when you get a heavier product it does

two things for you it's dimensionally

more stable meaning it's going to pick

heavier traffic and number two it's 50%

quieter because it's 50% heavier and

that's important because one thing that

11 if people don't like is it's a

noisier floor because it's a floating

installation it reflects sound a little

bit higher so a heavier board is going

to be a much quieter board and that's

that big deal and secondly this is a

high density core now laminates can be

made in low medium and high and

high-density core means that when you

want this

and these are mechanical systems they

live together when you have a high

density core that's going to ensure that

lock-ins isn't going to hold better and

because it's 12 millimeter you have more

material that surrounds the locking

system where those five millimeter pores

are very thin and if they're made with a

low and medium density what that means

is you can get micro movement on the

Kliq system and that is fine dirt can

get in between the the board and data

those boards become outlined with a dirt

outline and that's where lambdas can

very quickly ugly out people are very

dissatisfied so a heavy board with a

high-density core means you're going to

have a better locking system and by the

way the higher the density the more

moisture proof the system is the other

part of this board we want to talk about

is this surface has texture on and

that's important because low-end

laminates are smooth melamine and that's

the material that's so hard where it is

the mellah mine and when you have a

smooth finish it can show smudges from

20 feet away as a matter of fact there's

some new laminates out there that call

piano finishes they're very high luster

finishes and when you look at the

product it's absolutely beautiful but

you can also pick up a smudge from 20

and 30 feet away and they're incredibly

high maintenance floors and people are

very unhappy because

bought that product because they thought

it was a hard-wearing low maintenance

for when you put it together you find

out every other hour you need to clean

it or you better have two maids you're

not happy with it so texturizing is very

important in a laminate so high density

thickness textures that's all adds up to

it important for what you're going to

enjoy now this is one of the our boards

now this is a complete board it has a

beginning and it has an end it's not a

picture of two boards it's an individual

board very much like a piece of

prefinished hardwood and that's

important so this floor is going to look

more like the real thing and isn't that

kind of a point of buying a nice

laminate you want it to emulate the real

thing and this board closely emulates it

it has a micro bevel on four sides now

in prefinished hardwood that micro bevel

is to ensure you don't get splinters

when you walk on that floor and the

laminate does as they do it for two

different reasons the first reason is

the micro bevel emulates the real

product so it looks much more like

prefinished hardwood and the second

reason is when we click this floor

together when the light cuts across

where there's a bevel the floor also too

flat where the other board that we've

been talking about is seven and a half

inches wide and it's called a square

which is no bevel there and when the

light cuts across it it shades the joint

so that floor always looks a little cup

and nothing is more distracting to put a

brand new Florida have a look

Worf again disappointment because you

weren't told the facts about the floor

the other issue I want to talk about is

the other Lyman should tend to see are

seven and a half inches wide not five

inches and that floor is either a

picture of two boards and sometimes a

picture of three ports but we're not

told and we find people are surprised to

find out is because those boards are

always in a box and they're in display

you're busy kind of looking through the

display or the boxes of the samples

looking for a floor that you really like

right color right texture what you don't

see is because it's a board with picture

of boards you can have a picture of both

by chewing right next to the actual

joint so when you put the floor together

you know this point doesn't look real

what Installer would never put a 1-inch

board right in the middle my floor all

over the place so again the floor

doesn't look real and that's where

people become dissatisfied or they go

their neighbor's house and they see and

they go well it's a nice floor it's easy

to maintain but boy it doesn't look real

well this floor does because there are

no pictures of blood joints this is an

individual board that looks just like a

prefinished piece of hard way the last

thing that you need to talk about or we

need to talk to you about is the finish

now virtually 99.9

number fours have an AC three and that's

a European where standard after all they

invented the product it tells you AC 3

is a residentially rated laminate we

purposely put AC 4 on our Lundgren

arlington laminate by an AC floor is a

commercial where layer so that means

this was really going to perform so you

have weight we have density you have


it's a quiet abhorred the textures are

low maintenance board the board is

visually more pleasing and with the

commercial surface this is a combination

that you can't be and you're going to be

very pleased with this product as a

matter of fact probably have our

customers we get a chance to talk to

when they return a box board and we ask

them how's it look and they go my

neighbors didn't even know as a Lavin so

that's always a nice compliment so good

luck to you if you have questions you

can call us this is bill at floors for

less essential for products thank you

bye bye