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hi Lu Manfredini aces home expert and

today we're going to talk about cutting

laminate flooring this is a terrific

option when it comes to redoing the

floors in your home and you have a lot

of options when it comes to actually

cutting the material we're gonna

illustrate and show how to use three

different types of saws that are pretty

useful when it comes to installing

laminate floors a power miter saw a jig

saw you're definitely going to need one

of these and this is a manual saw for

making straight cuts in the laminate to

make the job go as smoothly as possible

let me show you how they work okay we've

done the earlier videos on how to use a

compound miter saw it's a really useful

tool when cutting laminate flooring

because if you've got to make a lot of

cuts quickly this will speed the whole

process up but you need to understand

how it works

laminate flooring is a pretty tough

material and so it's a you know

something when it comes to cutting

depending on if you need to make

straight cuts angle cuts this can really

speed things up I highly recommend ear

protection and eye protection for sure

we're in a studio setting so it's going

to get pretty loud in here but even if

you're outside these saws make a lot of

noise and so the benefit of a saw like

this is you have the ability to change

the angle you're not really going to be

doing a compound where you're gonna be

turning it back and forth but for

straight cuts you want to set that

material in place make sure your fingers

are out of the way you're gonna pull

that trigger

and you get a really nice straight cut

makes a lot of noise makes a lot of dust

but it certainly speeds up the process

inevitably there's going to be a spot

when you go to install your new flooring

where you're gonna have to cut a notch

out for a door jamb or some protrusion

that's coming through the floor that's

where a jig saw like this will come in

handy once you make the markings you

want to go ahead and make sure the blade

is sharp this is an all-purpose blade

and you can see a little bit with the

thinner teeth on the blade

the thinner the teeth meaning the

smaller that they are and closer

together the more smooth of a cut you're

gonna get so you want to make sure that

the blade kind of looks like that that's

designed for smoother cuts because you

want a nice finished product so with the

marking where it needs to be you're

gonna go ahead and place your saw right

in there and you're going to keep the

blade off of the material and then

you're going to pull the trigger to get

the saw blade and saw engaged and then

slowly follow the line



this is a manual laminate tile cutter if

you don't want to use all that power

tools and this is really designed for

making straight cuts you put your tile

inside there that you're gonna cut and

then you bring this down with good

pressure you're gonna need both hands to

slice that flooring these are just some

of the options you have when it comes to

cutting laminate flooring remember that

you want to make sure that the material

is well supported you're holding it

firmly that you're comfortable using all

of these particular tools and that

you're taking the correct safety

precautions whether it's eye protection

the mask but definitely eye protection

as well if you need more advice or help

with that project you're doing around

your home just go to your local Ace

Hardware store we're right there to help

you in your neighborhood remember ace is

the helpful place