How to Cut LED Rope Light - AQLighting

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I am Chris make you money today I'm

going to show you how to cut led rope

light I'm going to start off with some

important things that you need to know

before cutting your led rope light first

you'll need a sharp cutting device which

can be anything capable of making a good

clean cut such as a knife PVC cutters or

a pair of scissors second always make

sure that your rope light is unplugged

if you fail to do so you could severely

injure yourself or possibly short out

your rope light after unplugging your

led rope light be sure to identify the

proper locations to make the cut these

areas are very marked by either the

three dotted lines or a scissor symbol

AQL rope light is marked by both three

dotted lines and this is our symbol

every 30 inches you can always look for

the wire crossovers which indicate the N