How to cut large angle crown molding corners by Creative Crown

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we're commonly asked how do you cut an

outside corner or an inside corner at

140 degrees or more

people go up and measure their angles

finder come up with 140 and they're

confused how to run their saw how to set

the angle up on okay we're going to do a

little common math here we know when we

cut an outside or inside corner

that's 90 degrees to get our miter angle

we take 90 degrees and divide it by two

equals 45 degrees per miter cut over

here we have a hundred and forty degrees

divided by two equals 70 degrees we're

going to go out look at our miter saw


okay then they come out to my miter saw

and I'm going to try cutting this 140

degree corner

I know 140 divided by 2 will give me 70

degrees so I'm going to come down and

look at my miter saw and look over here

and I have 45 degrees so I'm going to

take my miter saw and move it over and I

can't get 70 degrees I can't move it

over enough what am I going to do

oK we've looked at our miter saw and

we've noticed that we can't move the

blade no more than 45 degrees when you

move the handle over on the miter saw to

45 degrees the maximum corner you can

cut is 90 degrees inside or outside

we're going to have to go about this

backwards a straight line is 180 degrees

here's the formula that's set up and

will work every time

180 degrees minus 140 degrees it's going

to equal 40 degrees we can divide that

by two it's going to equal 20 so what

we're going to do is going to standard

miter saw at 20 degrees cut one side and

20 degrees the other side and we will

get a hundred and forty degree corner