Advanced miter saw techniques (Easiest way to cut angles)

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welcome to sawdust in wood this is Chris

today I'm going to teach you advanced

miter saw techniques so I've got

previous videos where I show you

formulas to to figure out angles you use

angle finder and it's normally 180 minus

the angle divided by 2 and it shows you

where to sit you might have saw 2 today

I'm going to show you a really easy way

to take any angle divided by 2 and cut

it there's no more math than that it's

just divided by 2 or you can just say I

need a 30 degree angle and just come on

the sole and put it on 30 and make your

cut but to do that you need to

understand that zero on your saw is

actually 90 it's actually a 90 degree

cut it's a right angle and I'm going to

show you a chart that's really gonna

help you understand it and then we're

gonna do two examples ok so this is how