The 12 Slice Solution

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we have been dividing our pizza wrong

this whole time Pizza is and continues

to be a staple of the American diet and

yet for all of these years we have been

dividing our pizza incorrectly any time

you go to a pizzeria they are going to

divide this pizza into 8 equal slices

however this is an inefficient method

the reason for staying with such an

outdated method is simple it's easy to

divide a circle into 8 equal slices and

the reason why we don't switch to the 12

slices 'dom is because the complex

intricacies of dividing a perfectly

round pizza pie into 12 precise equal

angles however just because it's easier

does not mean we ought to keep it the

path of least resistance is the path for

losers HG Wells throughout this video I

will continue to show you how the twelve