The 12 Slice Solution

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we have been dividing our pizza wrong

this whole time Pizza is and continues

to be a staple of the American diet and

yet for all of these years we have been

dividing our pizza incorrectly any time

you go to a pizzeria they are going to

divide this pizza into 8 equal slices

however this is an inefficient method

the reason for staying with such an

outdated method is simple it's easy to

divide a circle into 8 equal slices and

the reason why we don't switch to the 12

slices 'dom is because the complex

intricacies of dividing a perfectly

round pizza pie into 12 precise equal

angles however just because it's easier

does not mean we ought to keep it the

path of least resistance is the path for

losers HG Wells throughout this video I

will continue to show you how the twelve

slice Pizza system is the best way to

divide your pizza for the health for the

wealth and for the merriment of all of


in 2006 the Center for Disease Control

conducted an experiment with portion

controls their findings were that when

people use smaller plates and portions

they still felt equally full compared to

the people who are eating the larger

portions even though those portions were

30% smaller they still felt equally full

hmm interesting

so let's do some math based on the

information from the calorie King the

average pizza contains give or take two

thousand two hundred and sixty nine

calories per pie and according to

statistics brain the average American

will eat 46 slices of pie per year now

under the archaic eight slices 'them

that is thirteen thousand in 18 calories

per year but based on the CDC

information we've already gone over

they'll feel just as full having eight

thousand six hundred and ninety four

calories under the 12 slices --them now

a 4324 caloric difference that doesn't

seem like a whole lot but it's a really

good start if you're trying to lose

weight and feel healthier but that's not

even the only difference in the twelfth

lie system let's move on to money


now if one slice of pizza costs $5 and

we typically eat 46 slices per year then

right now the average American is paying

give or take $230 on pizza each year

however if these pizzerias that sell by

the slice were to divide the pizzas into

twelve then they would be able to keep

the same profits while only charging

three dollars and 33 cents per slice

interesting but let's give them a cut to

by rounding it to three dollars and 50

cents by doing this the pizzerias will

earn an extra two dollars and sixteen

cents per pie and Americans all over the

country would save a total of 69 dollars

per year 69 dollars that's enough for an

extra pizza party for you and all of

your friends


the easiest way to show that the 12th

lie system is superior is in matters of

parties with friends an eighth slice

pizza is easily divisible by two or four


however in groups of three or even six

friends there will always be an

imbalance and that's why it's easily

fixed under the twelve sly system being

that it's divisible by two friends three

four or six friends now of course

there's always going to be a problem in

groups of five or seven but the twelve

slices them isn't meant to be perfect

it's just meant to be better than what

we already have now this is a problem

that we could fix here and now you know

I could say all I want but I think it's

better in a song by an awesome band

it's African chart snatcher

Joseph Kony

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