How To Cut Flat Crown THE EASY WAY!

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welcome to paws toolbox today I'm going

to cover cutting crown molding flat that

means setting it down on the saw flat

and making your cuts now in most cases

people don't have saws like this now

this saw right here is a double compound

miter saw so it swivels to both sides if

you have a standard saw you will want to

check out my other video it's called how

to cut crown molding the easy way and

that explains in detail how to go ahead

and make your cuts with a regular saw

and in position but now we're going to

cover cutting molding flat so what you

will do is lay it flat and then you'll

put the top against the fence and the

bottom will go here and this will act

like the wall so you will not cut it on

the angle that it's it's set on you're

going to take your blade of your saw and

you're going to swivel it over and make