How to Cut and Bend Rebar

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good morning for those of you are

watching it this morning we're gonna do

tutorial how to bend and cut rebar with

conventional tools this is for the

smaller sizes for more residential

projects today we'll be doing a number 4

rebar which is about a half inch

circumference and anything from that or

below can be done this method number

five may be questionable whether you can

get by like this so the things you're

gonna need a pipe would work just fine

this one's three feet long and one inch

in circumference but anything from three

to five feet would be easy to work with

and also the circumference should be

between one inch and three-quarters of

an inch

we're gonna use a bolt cutter to be

cutting the pipe and the longer the bolt

cutter the easier this is a 42 inch I

wouldn't go any less than 36 inches and

what we finally gonna do years we're

gonna show you what we're gonna do with

the tape measure is measure out our

distance and where we're gonna cut so I

want this pipe to be about 47 inches

long since the bend is gonna take a

little bit of distance to meet the

circumference because I want it 47 I'm

gonna mark one inch less at 46 and I'm

gonna run the pipe right along it right

to the line

and there we go so what you're going to

do next is stabilize the ball and pull

straight up

now for this specific design I want this

is going to be a stem bar that's gonna

go up a wall and then I want it to hook

into the foundation so I want that about

eight inches long so what I'll do here

is Mark out eight inches

and bring my bolt cutter to that area

here we're going to overview how to get

the bends a little bit more exact

you have your medium here and I held it

down into this pallet here as it's not

going to go anywhere with all that

weight have it screw down to the pallet

and I'm gonna put in about this 10 inch

screw into it so pre-drill at first so

you don't crack the wood and then put

these in and what you're going to do is

in this fashion offset so when you put

in the rebar you can set up how long or

how short you want to be able to bend

that rebar this four this is the number

four I wouldn't go any shorter than this


this case we have set up the rebar where

we want to bend it and we put the vibe

for leverage and control over the bend

and we do a straight pool tonight

right there

like so