How to cut rebar with grinder

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you guys sit in here real quick just

want to show you in the cut rebar they

do make a tool that we call them Hickey

bars is a big hand or whatever and it's

kind of like think of a bolt cutter

mounted to a piece of wood that shears

the rebar but sometimes they're really

hard you to press down put all your

weight on it and then someone who

doesn't know better you should get hurt

trying to use that thing or just not be

able to cut it at all because I'm about

170 pounds and I have to really jump on

it so they use that and out in the field

when they're doing a lot of cutting but

we're gonna show you how to do it with

grinder in the cut off wheel and that

this cut off wheel is made for steel

it's specifically made for it's a metal

cut off wheel I mean they're pretty thin