Ultimate Handyman DIY tips - how to strip electrical cable

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there's a lot of debate I'll to work

correctly strip Carol this is a piece of

lighting cable which is one mill now

what a lot of people do is he get a

knife and they actually slit down the

cable down the center where the earth

wire is but when you do that there is a

chance that you'll actually catch the

insulation on the inner core's so it's

not really a preferred method you can

see that none of the inner coil actually

damaged by doing that but professional

electrician is all like you stripping it

off light up and the quite a lot of them

use a different method so what they will

do is just make the cable using some

side cutters in the center so you snip

the end of the cable and look here at

the earth wire and you can actually use

that as a cheese way to cut the actual

outs of insulation by pulling it when

you get to the desired length just stop

and then you can remove the outer sheath

and then you can just trim that off

using side courses

so now you need to strip off the

insulation from the copper conductor and

you can use a pair of cheap electricians

players just like this we notice one mil

wire so we just put it in the 1 mil slot

close the players and just pull and

there you go you've stripped the

conductor if you want to spend a bit

more money on you partitions players you

can get a pair of these which your

automatic wire strippers so you put the

way you're in up to the stop and just

squeeze the anvils together and it

strips the correct length of the way for

you and whenever you use care will like

this you'll notice that the earth

conductor is always burnt and you should

never use your light should always put

some green and yellow sleeving over the

top and then people dunno let's see if