How to easily cut acrylic sheet

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in this video we are going to take a look at how to cut acrylic sheet there

are many different types, many different colors many different thicknesses and

also many different finishes of acrylic for example this one is in non

reflective finish that is an opal colour I actually bought this for a project and I can't

remember what I bought it by now but that's one of the benefits of getting old, you can also

get clear like that, that is 10 millimeters thick I've then got some blue non reflective

finish and then we've got some colorful green gloss finish and then this piece

is a piece of Lucite this would normally be used for sanitary work such

as their bath or a shower tray so we're going to look at a few different

ways of cutting this at home. obviously one of the best ways of

cutting this is using a laser cutter but not everybody has access to a laser

cutter the first technique we're going to look

at is scribe breaking and that can be done on acrylic up to about 4

millimeters thick these two pieces are about three millimeters that one's 3.2

that's three millimetres, that''s five millimeters so you could probably cut

the 5 millimeter piece by scribe breaking if you scribed it on both sides

we'll start off by scribe breaking this piece of 3.2 millimeter lucite there are

quite a lot of trade names of acrylic sheet such as perspex plexiglass lucite

etc so we've got one straight edge on this piece already so I'm going to use

the square I'm going to put it on the edge and then I'm just going to scribe a

line in down here on the masking you can use a marker for doing this and if use a