How to Use a Reciprocating Saw to Cut Metal, Wood, PVC, etc for Beginners

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hi everybody I'm Lea obsidian Dro and

what I'm holding in my hand is a

reciprocating saw you know it's really

associated mostly with demolition but I

gotta tell you it's so much more than

that and I'm going to show you let's get

started now here's our reciprocating saw

here this is quarter but you know you

can also get them battery-operated now

come on in close let me show you some

features here so in the front of the saw

we have the shoe here all right next to

it this is the chuck and this is where

we load the blade now the beauty of this

tool is you can load the blade where the

teeth are down in the down position or

you can flip it and you can load it

where the teeth go up it's kind of

depending upon the task at hand we're

going to insert the blade with the teeth

in the down position it's just a simple

twist of the chuck now I got to tell you

your saw may be a little different okay

and then just insert it and it's locked

in place now the next feature I want to

show you is the trigger it has what's

called a variable speed so if you

depress the trigger just a little bit

you get a very slow moving action just

depress the trigger just a little bit


you sell all

sauce move it well it really allows you

to control some things and and what

you're trying to control is if you're

cutting metal you kind of want to start

off just a little slower than if you're

cutting wood of course if you're cutting

wood you couldn't really kick it up and

then of course if you're doing a plunge

cut you don't want to start off slow as


okay so depending upon what you're going

to cut you want to select the proper

blade now these first two blades here

they're really for making cuts on metal

this would be for thin metal this is for

thick metal if you come in close you can

see the difference with the teeth as you

can see the thin metal has very very

fine teeth where the heavy cutting metal

saw blade is a little more aggressive

now the next two blades or a combination

blade is good for cutting wood and wood

with nails the difference between the

two is just length okay as you can see

the teeth on these blades are much more

aggressive more aggressive than the

teeth on the metal cutting blades so

let's make some cuts and don't forget to

wear eye protection we're going to cut

this stud out and one of the good things

about a reciprocating saw is you can cut

just the nails you don't have to worry

about taking a hammer and trying to beat

the heck out of the stud to remove the

stud itself you can just cut the nails

away and pull the stud out

now get the top of the stud you see the

nails clean cut real quick and that's

why I like the tool it's a lot faster

than you could ever take a stud out by

just banging the heck out of it so next

I want to cut a piece of copper pipe and

the thing with copper is you're going to

want to start slow just to get it going

a little bit

I'm going to show you how to do a plunge

cut if you notice I have a much shorter

blade okay so you want to rest this shoe

up against the wall I'm going to pull

back on a trigger instead of a slub

this is Leah saying you can do this see

you next time