How to cut plexiglass/acrylic fast and easy with an oscillating tool (multi-tool)

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today we've shown you how to cut a piece

of Plexiglas easily using this tool it's

an oscillating tool and previously I

made am home-baked Plexiglas cutting

tool and it looks great

but if you don't have this and then you

have an oscillating tool around you can

cut Plexiglas or so very easily

especially if you have a piece of

Plexiglas that's very thin like this one

here this one here is only about one and

half millimeter thick so it's very thin

and I've tried to use other methods like

scoring with a knife and then try to

bend it and try to break it

unfortunately it's not always as plain

and as you can see here it doesn't

always break straight as you playing

sometimes when you score it you have it

just a little bit of imperfection you

can cause it to break it's a cracking

straight who bent and then become very

weird shape and you're gonna damage your

cut I also tried it put a jigsaw to cut

my flaming plaque see here and because

it's thin it flux very easily so when

the blades moved up and down it flexes

the Plexiglas and then eventually it

will just crack if you have a thicker

Plexiglas like this one here this one is

about seven millimeter thick it's a lot

thicker so it's not as flexible it's

very stiff so it doesn't Bend and flex

when you're trying to use a jigsaw to

cut it when the blade moves up and down

like this it's stiff so it doesn't man

so you can cut it very easily unlike a

painting Plexiglas like this one it's

gonna be really challenging cutting with

a jigsaw and most of time I end up

damaged my plastic glass now you have a


like an oscillating tool with a blade

like this you allow you to cut the

Plexiglas and very easily so let's get

to it

so next I'm gonna cut a straight line to

my proxy class here the way I do it is

I'm gonna make a deep groove and cut it

on one side and don't cut it all the way

to-- let's just make a deep cut and then

flip over and cut on the other side and

complete the cut on the other side I

found that when cutting plastic glass

instead of producing dust like when

you're cutting wood or metal it melts

and the plastic mail and get stuck to

your blade it makes it very hard for you

to cut so by cutting on one side first I

remove part of the material first so I

get some material removed so when I flip

over there's not much material left for

it to melt in get stuck in my life so

when I flip it over that's when I

complete the cut





there we go and see here it melts really

bad and stick to my blade makes it

really hard to make a cut and as you can

see there's some part I got slipped

because the light is covered with

plastic and it doesn't cut very

efficiently here we go nice and straight

so that was the straight cut which was

pretty easy and straightforward right

but imma show you how to cut a circle

the basic principle is still the same

you make a deep cut a deep groove one

round one circle and then you flip over

and complete the cut on the other side

it's basically the same way but a circle

requires a little bit more patience




here we go nice and round hold a cut

outs on so nice and well pretty cool huh

so like someone I've tapped in the ring

as well


here we go

final piece beautiful round piece I'm

sure you need a close-up on my cut here

let's see there instead of producing

dust like wood or metal Klux Klan's it

melts and sticks to the blades

that's why cutting Plexiglas with the

saw blade is a bit challenging so you

can see here this oscillating tool is

superior and cutting Plexiglas then a

jigsaw it's because the jigsaw blades it

moves up and down but the movement is

too much and that who make the Plexiglas

flats too much and crack Plexiglas

whereas this to the end of movement is

only one from eight degrees and it moved

back and forth and the movement is not

much enough to flex the plastic glass

and make it stable to cut so that's why

this tool is a lot easier and much

faster to cut than a jigsaw for a thin

plastic glass so there you have it

I'll cut Plexiglas with an oscillating

tool not only can you cut a straight

line very easily you can also easily cut

it into any shape that you want and next

time when I have some very cool projects

using these plastic glass pieces until

then see you next time