How to cut plexiglass/acrylic fast and easy with an oscillating tool (multi-tool)

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today we've shown you how to cut a piece

of Plexiglas easily using this tool it's

an oscillating tool and previously I

made am home-baked Plexiglas cutting

tool and it looks great

but if you don't have this and then you

have an oscillating tool around you can

cut Plexiglas or so very easily

especially if you have a piece of

Plexiglas that's very thin like this one

here this one here is only about one and

half millimeter thick so it's very thin

and I've tried to use other methods like

scoring with a knife and then try to

bend it and try to break it

unfortunately it's not always as plain

and as you can see here it doesn't

always break straight as you playing

sometimes when you score it you have it

just a little bit of imperfection you

can cause it to break it's a cracking