How to Cut a Pie Into 10 Pieces : Food, Glorious Food

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hi I'm Kristen Cori and I'm a personal

chef I'm going to show you how to cut a

pie in ten pieces you might think hmmm

that's not that hard but think about it

ten pieces not twelve not six ten so I

had to think about this one I found on

the internet a image of a Pentagon five

sides so if you do that twice that gives

you ten slices easy to do it print it

off the internet I'm gonna place it on

top of my pie

not really on it just as a template I'm

going to place a toothpick at each point

and if you work your way clockwise you

won't forget I'm gonna pull that off now

I'm gonna put a toothpick opposite each

point starting clockwise I'm going to

start with this one goes here this one

here this one here and these are about

36 degrees apart like 360 divided by 10

that's how I got 360 then you go from