How to Lose 10 Pounds in A Week

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everybody it's sarah from super sister

fitness calm and I'm here to supercharge

your life through food fitness and fun

today I'm going to share with you three

simple tips on how to lose 10 pounds

count on 10 in 7 days now this is a

really popular topic and I want to put

in a little bit of disclaimer here

because studies have shown that you can

only lose about 2 pounds of body fat per


safely without sacrificing lean body

mass which is your muscle something you

want to keep on your body because that

keeps your metabolism soaring so I just

want to keep that here as a disclaimer

keep that in mind when you're watching

this video but know that if you've been

eating a lot of unhealthy holiday foods

or foods with a lot of sodium or a lot

of dairy those things can cause you to

bloat and hold on to water so if you

lose 10 pounds in 7 days it's often just

that water weight coming off of you

you'll feel better you'll have more

energy and you'll look better too so

let's jump right into it tip number one

is to hydrate if you're bloated and

holding on to water drink water it will

help shed off that excess water the

excess sodium that you're holding on to

all that good stuff I highly recommend

investing in a good water filter at home

and invest in a reusable water bottle

that way you can just take it with you

everywhere you go how you drink drink

drink drink the more you drink water the

better you're going to feel the more

energy you're going to have and if

you're thirsty you're actually already

dehydrated so it's best to just sip on

water throughout the day tip number two

is to focus on eating Whole Foods what

do I mean by Whole Foods

I mean foods that have one ingredient so

fruit any kind of fruit any kind of

veggie salad nuts

avocado any kind of healthy fat lean

proteins all that stuff that's gonna

your body is going to recognize and be

able to process really quickly because

it's one ingredient or we like to stick

to five ingredients or less so you buy a

trail mix and there's five different

things in there that's totally okay

you want to stay away from packaged

processed foods so if you look on the

back of something and there's like 30

ingredients that you cannot pronounce

and you have no idea what they are it's

best to stay away those things are going

to cause you to gain weight mess with

your hormones and bloat you one other

little side bit here if you are eating

dairy or wheat sometimes those can be

allergens so if you're feeling really

bloated and constantly tired and you're

not sure why try eliminating those two

things and see if it makes a difference

in the way that you feel tip number

three is to exercise so simple and it

doesn't mean you have to go to the gym

or do some crazy intense workout all it

means is go on a 30-minute walk every

day something simple or pop in an

exercise DVD at home or do one of our

free videos on YouTube we have a bunch

of videos for you to do that are

anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes long or

find a structured workout program that

you can do at home exercise doesn't have

to be challenging and also doesn't have

to be boring find some way that you can

move every day take the stairs perk

further away when you go to the grocery

store all those little things add up to

make you feel better and live longer so

that was it three simple tips drink more

water eat Whole Foods and exercise

if you're looking for a plan to

jumpstart your weight loss in seven days

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7-day program everything to eat grocery

list and really determining your why and

why you want to lose weight and your

mindset part of it which a lot of people

don't talk about which is often the

biggest part of fitness and eating

healthy is getting your mind right so

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