HOW I LOST 10 LBS IN ONE WEEK! Lose Weight Fast!

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hi guys it's Natalie from clean cut

couponing calm so I'm here today to talk

to you about something I usually don't

join my channel I have done this in the

past I want to say like two years ago I

did a couple little weight loss meal

plan videos but other than that I have

not gained back a lot of weight now this

past six months I have gained back a lot

of weight so I'm gonna show you guys how

I am losing it in this video I've lost

10 pounds in one week not in this video

but in one week I've lost 10 pounds and

I'm going to give you guys my tips on

how I've done that it's very easy very

minimal exercise and you know you really

shouldn't jump in with a lot of exercise

when you're first starting out because

you could certainly burn out real quick

but very easy 15 minutes a day that's

all you need and if you don't even want

to do that you will still lose weight

I've done a couple different posts on

Instagram and you guys went wild on

there and just DMD me blew up my DMS and

you know everybody wanted to know how I

lost 10 pounds so quickly so I said you

guys want me to make a video and you

said yes so here we go my most important

tip and this is key you need to flush

out all of that toxins all of that bad

stuff and how you're going to do that

inside your body and flush that fat out

fast is drink water so I drink 12 8

ounce glasses each day that's not

counting one cup of coffee and one can

bachi that's the 12 minutes glasses and

it's probably even more than that now at

this point like I'm just so conditioned

with drinking water I'm gonna lose


I definitely up my game with the water

and it does help flush everything out so

just do that implement that into your

life and that alone will help you lose

weight then the next thing you're going

to want to do is you're gonna want to

cut out sugar a lot of us

don't even realize how much sugar we are

consuming on a daily basis sugars and

ketchup and mustard in beverages all

kinds of stuff so if you are a soda

drinker guys are gonna have to cut that

out and just try wooder for a little bit

you might get a little bit of a headache

so have some medicine on hand to take

care of that headache quickly because

when you're detoxing from sugar man you

do get a headache and another drink that

you want to cut back on is the coffee so

don't add sugar into your coffee you can

have one cup don't make it like three

sizes just have one cup of coffee a day

minimize it down to that anyway this

will help you lose weight so if you do

need to have two cups again just no

sugar in that and check with your

creamer check how much sugar is in your

cream or two no sugar don't put any

sugar in your coffee so you can enjoy

coffee and try to keep it on the lower

aspect caffeine kind of messes with your

body so even if you could switch to

decaf try that too I'm gonna do two slay

ten pounds really easy is so for one I

got your breakfast already planned

you're going to have three egg whites

and a grapefruit juiced bang that's your

breakfast or you could do three

hard-boiled eggs

just remove the yolk and that way you

have it ready if you work really early

in the morning and you don't feel like

cooking or you have a bunch of kids to

get off to school hard boil your eggs

and just remove the yolks

any three of those eggs and you should

break fruit you're done BAM so that's

your breakfast now for your other meals

you're definitely going to want to have

your portions a little bit smaller no

fat or low-fat stuff not necessarily

packaging with low fat that you're gonna

want to have lower fat items like don't

get like Fried Chicken made for dinner

or something like that I have a couple

ideas too and you want to stick to the

end of the video I will give you like

four or five different little quick

meals suggestions that you can do I eat

cleaner more veggies lean proteins and

you can have fruits and things but

definitely opt those veggies and here

stuffed veggies that you're gonna want

to be taking advantage of these veggies

are great for losing weight

broccoli cauliflower spinach kale

asparagus lettuces avocado I'm kind of

by the way is a fad so it's a healthy

fad but it is a fad so I'm June half an

avocado a day about peppers onions

cucumbers green beans are really great


I think loaded with vitamins tomatoes

all kinds of cabbages you'll actually

see a lot of different cabbage diets

it's because cabbage does actually help

you lose weight celery that's a big

thing right now everybody's celery

juicing and I was thinking about doing

that show most Americans go out to eat

pretty often during the week and a lot

of us do that quick run in fast food

restaurants you're gonna need a lower

your fat and take on this so try to

eliminate the fast food and do it for a

week and see how you feel I bet you that

you'll start feeling better even like

just with up in your water intake eating

cleaner and lowering your fat intake

you're gonna start feeling a lot better

once you get past if you're like if

you're detoxing from caffeine once you

get past that second day because you

might get a headache you're gonna feel

amazing after that okay thank you for

joining me in this video and if you guys

have any questions drop them down below

if you have any tips for everybody else

drop that down below as well if you

would like to see more videos like this

and because I still have more pounds to


right before my brother died I put which

was six months ago I just started

emotional eating eating wasn't bringing

me comfort but it would like bring me

comfort for a moment do you know what

I'm saying so that was the only thing

you know other than prayer and talking

with other people you know when you're

alone eating a lot of people do that and

that's what I did so I had gained 20

pounds and then even before my brother

passed away I was still

pounds over than what I wanted to be so

I've already lost that ten pounds and

now I'm going to go for 20 more so if

you want to see more videos like this

let me know down in the comments and I

will definitely do more videos and some

things that work for me so I hope you

guys enjoyed this video it was a little

different than what I usually do but

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beautiful day bye