How to Lose 10 Pounds in a WEEK (5 Simple Tricks)

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so you want to know how to lose weight

as fast as possible well specifically

you want to lose 10 pounds in a week now

I normally don't condone losing weight

as fast as you can or trying to lose a

certain amount of weight in a certain

amount of time because it takes your

mindset out of the right place you are

just trying to lose weight real quick

and not keep it off forever and that's

not how you lose weight however since

you do want to lose 10 pounds in one

week here is the very first thing that

you should be doing if you're not doing

already and that's intermittent fasting

properly if you're not doing

intermittent fasting properly you could

be completely doing it wrong and

starving yourself in the mornings for no

reason so let me tell you exactly how to

do it properly when you are intermittent

fasting make sure that you have a window

of eating of only about 6 to 8 hours

throughout the day that means you've got

16 to 18 hours throughout of 24 hour day

that you are not consuming any calories

that doesn't mean just food that means

any calories so any sodas and juices any

beverages now that you've got your

little window of 8 hours that you're

gonna eat throughout the day maybe it's

from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. then what you want

to do is consume your daily amount of

calories within that window and that

window only the only things that you can

consume outside of that window water any

type of water that has no calories and

coffee black if you are not already

incorporating this into your daily

routine you will start seeing a lot of

rapid fat loss in the very beginning

this is a great way to kick off a weight

loss journey or if you just want to lose

weight very quickly intermittent fasting

and is definitely going to get that

weight off your bar and the second trick

that you can do to lose 10 pounds in one

week is to start doing cardio while your

fasted if you are anything like me it is

not fun getting used to working out fast

it however once you get used to it

you're completely used to it and you

can't go back in order to burn calories

most efficiently what you want to do

when you're focusing on weight loss is

go and do cardio whether it's low

intensity steady state cardio or high

intensity interval training if you can

get yourself to go into the gym or go

out on a run or a very fast walk in the

mornings before you consume any calories

all of the energy that you're expending

during that workout session is only

coming from your fat stores because just

think about it if you have

Eitan in 16 hours you're not gonna have

any energy any food in your stomach to

pull energy from so all of the energy

that you're expending in that workout

session is coming straight from your fat

stores pair fasted cardio with

intermittent fasting and you will be on

the perfect regimen to lose 10 pounds in

one week however I do have to warn you

that when you do start fasted cardio

especially in the mornings you're gonna

be extremely tired and you're gonna be

very hungry you might be pretty cranky

and it might hurt while you're working

out and it's gonna take a week or two to

get used to but if you can get some

coffee into you to wake you up a little

bit it's going to make that workout a

lot more bearable and the third trick

that I have for you is to completely cut

out one meal out of your nutrition plan

if you are already eating three meals a

day breakfast lunch and dinner then cut

out one of those meals for an entire

week and I guarantee you will definitely

start to see a lot more weight coming

off your body let's say you wake up in

the mornings at about 7 a.m. then you

can push your breakfast back to about 12

p.m. midday 1:00 p.m. and then give

yourself a few hours to digest that and

use up that energy and then maybe four

or five hours later eat your second meal

and I will hold you over the rest of the

night pushing back your breakfast as far

as possible is the best way to go about

eating only two meals or starting

intermittent fasting so if you can

incorporate the first three things into

your daily routine you will definitely

be seeing a ton of weight rolling off in

the very first week the fourth trick is

to cut out any drinks that is not water

or black coffee if you are used to

drinking a ton of Gatorade if you're

tough if you're used to drinking a ton

of coffee with creamer in it if you're

used to drinking sodas or lemonade or

anything that is not water or coffee cut

that out for an entire week and you will

definitely like this is immediate

results you'll see immediate results

when you start doing this but if you

start doing this you will have 10 pounds

off in one week I hope you guys are

catching on to something right now

because at the end of all 5 of these

tricks if you incorporate all five and

you get that into routine this is how

you will reach your weight loss goal my

personal bonus tip when you're only

drinking water is to carry a gallon or

carry some kind of mug or a cup of water

with you everywhere you go

so you will always

have a beverage on hand and you can even

put some ice some lemon in there so that

when you're thirsty you can drink that

water and if there's a soda right there

you still have your water to turn to you

don't have only soda to turn to or only

juice to turn to the very last trick

that I have for you guys that work out

is to cut your rest time in between sets

down to 20 seconds now you'll be

surprised at how long you find yourself

resting in between sets it's probably a

minute or two minutes in between sets

but if you can cut that down to 20

seconds just to catch your breath

essentially what you're doing is

creating yourself a high-intensity

interval training routine into your

workout routine so one you are building

muscle and you're tearing muscle and two

you are decreasing the amount of time

that you're waiting and catching your

breath in between sets so that your

heart rate can stay elevated throughout

the entire workout and trust me you're

definitely gonna be burning a lot of fat

and sweating bullets after that workout

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