HOW I LOST 10 POUNDS IN 1 WEEK | What I Ate To Lose Weight | Ambril G. McLaurin

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hi guys it's Friel welcome to my channel

thank you guys so much for clicking on

my video I really do appreciate it now

what you're watching right now is myself

and a progress I'm showing you guys my

full figure and I'm aligning to my

personal business honey so I lost 10

pounds I know right that's crazy

10 pounds in a week I'm going to be

showing you guys exactly what I did

exactly what I ate and I'm going to be

extremely detailed see little miss

piranha and mr. quarantine they thought

they had me but honestly they Kennedy

because I did gain a few pounds but it's

okay because I'm excited to be doing

this with you all and I do say with you

all because we're doing is together

honey get click on this video for reason

now if you will like a quick fix like

some of those teeth and to take a shot

to get skinny or something this ain't it

we are actually going to be working out

and eating clean we're going to share

these pals and we're gonna reach our

goal honey I'm currently measuring

myself to see where I was and where I am

now stay tuned for my weekly tips and

what I've learned so far I'm going to

start with a 1 day 7 in each week I will

upload my weekly progress you guys are

my accountability partners as I am yours

let's get it alright guys welcome today

one day one okay so I got it I'm gonna

shake it I gotta get it out I gotta do

it like today so I say one of a lifetime

to be honest and so what I'm going to be

doing today is showing you guys my

figure I'm gonna also measure my bust my

waist in my hip area just to give you

guys a general idea of where I am so if

I lose some weight like is because I'm

gonna move some weight boo boo I'm gonna

drop these pants boom I'm gonna his

waist boo boo and also I'm gonna show

you guys where I am on the scale I don't

know if I'm ready for that but it's


just your Gary got to get her mind

yeah because this ain't big but anyway

so this is just that video now it is

they won say I'm gonna work out

just the starter started work out you

know so let's get into it

alright so I'm gonna take you guys with

me to weigh myself the scale will not

work properly on a carpet if you are

trying to weigh yourself and get your

accurate weights definitely put on the

flat surface not like a carpeting

anything like that so I'm scared like

I'm scared but let's go

okay so let me turn the camera around

whoa here we go let me go

it's just a one I've got the same

they're not working

beeping all that guy says just pant okay

so I could have killed on day one day

one day one day one we go okay is this I

won I can do it it's okay

159 pounds y'all 139 did it go

159 like 159 pounds like hey go go what

day is it is Wednesday May 27 2020 so it

is Wednesday May 27 2020 and I weigh

exactly 159 pounds okay so that has to

change as today starting today that's

gonna change so you guys just here

google it is Wednesday May 27th 2020 I

am going to check back in with in

another week I hope you guys will enjoy

this week process so you guys get to

work it out move into Wednesday morning

I walked up with 200 jump ropes I am

doing 15 reps of 3 sets of everything

that you see here it was definitely a

challenge but Shigure I got the hang of

it and I was ready to go honey

tip number one would be to establish a

solid foundation your foundation is your


what are you doing is for it is it for

health reasons do you want to feel more

comfortable so can I get a little real

here so my purpose is that all my life

I've had an athletic body

and I've always been proportionate but

lately I haven't been feeling like

myself and it was kind of time to make

some changes and so fun facts about

myself I am 27 and I have exactly 5 3 so

of course it was time to make some

healthier choices after my workout it is

time for breakfast now I don't eat until

an hour after I work out I am eating in

acai bow

I love these bowls with a passion acai

berries are basically like a super fruit

they a weight-loss and they kind of like

curb your cravings

they have ton of antioxidants they

promote a healthier heart and they will

most importantly improve your immune

system we know we need it right now

honey so yeah they're all good so if yes

yes yes for me and my two fruit of

choice music will I ever been through

everyone put in here my fruit of choice

would be bananas and strawberries

because I love banana strawberries and

I'm just going to say this if I don't

eat the type of foods that I enjoy

I'm most likely will relapse and that's

just me being earnest so I'm still in

the kind of foods that I enjoy but I'm

in a healthier version of it you might

see meteorites in these videos but I am

NOT eating a large portion of that rice

you guys have to make sure your meals

are portioned out please do not over eat

you guys can still eat what you enjoy

but just you know kind of make it a

healthier option I do understand that

some of us have kids and jobs that limit

our workout time as for a kid I will say

grab your kids get them active it's okay

allow them to workout with you as for

tyler's maybe you have to prioritize

your schedules as long as you make an

attempt that's all that matters and as

for your jobs maybe go in and eight or

nine ish maybe get up an hour early and

I definitely understand that after 5:00

or so

you are tired but just dig deep and fine

and straight to be great

now after my afternoon workout you do

not have to workout twice a day I just

like to sometimes I am in the park for

my son everything other he is my support

system and motivator I would definitely

say find your support system you are

definitely going to need one look at me

just giving up I do not give up I got

right back up and that's primarily

because of my support system that is why

I say they are extremely important now

if you do not have an accountability

partner I would love to be the person

for you we can communicate here via

comments or you can DM me on Instagram

or you can even email me I would love to

be your support system as long as your


it's dint in time it's dinner time I am

making grilled chicken with mango

avocado lime salsa

this is a healthy yet simple meal if you

would like to sub your rice week my Tito

buddy can y'all I'm telling you this

meal was bum if I'm gonna make it

definitely let me know in the comments

it was super super good alright okay I

want to tip number two it's always mind

over matter

number two is mindset if you aren't

mentally prepared to work out you might

find yourself stopping and you might be

quitting before you honestly start you

might say oh I'm not gonna work out for

the first half of this week instead you

know I just double up towards the end of

the week if your mind is not on your

purpose or achieving your goal you might

just end up quitting or you might not

even start and we just don't want it to


I would advise everyone to write down

their goal stick it on the fridge or

somewhere that is visible you know

actually I want you right now tell me

your goals in the comments I would love

to know I would love to be in your

business I would love to be your

personal and most importantly I would

love to hold you a

countable also guys drink water

especially before meals drinking water

can help with weight loss my goal it's a

girl today I'm gonna be showing you guys

my significant other play I ate a much

smaller portion but you know for the

presentation of this video I want to

show you guys it's a presentation but

you can always up your rides you don't

have to have it at all all right I got

stated before you get subbing for quinoa

and just like that we're at Thursday

famous before I am doing 15 reps out of

3 set my goal is drop my weight first

and dance hold up

also I'm training with my personal

trainer Sayid of no pain no gain fitness

in Atlanta he is amazing

he's extremely patient and he's very

informative if you are still here with

me go ahead and give me a thumbs up and

guys don't forget to subscribe now if

you were feeling like you can't do it

honey just let go and let God

oh and I also will have all of Solis

information listed below and you know

what if my hair looks a little different

this because I took him away ago honey I

just wanted it out there you know my

hair would definitely change often for a

quick breakfast snack

I ate avocado toast I definitely enjoy

avocados and I paired it with my fav

pineapples yum yum yum afternoon party

who work out around this day I was more

energized my body was definitely sore

but it was a good soreness


you have to hype yourself up you need

self motivation you know what that's tip

number four self motivation your self

motivation aligns with your purpose if

you do not believe in yourself or in

your purpose how do you expect others to

believe in you is dinner time

I am making mushroom chicken with

sauteed zucchini in a story ginger and

garlic sauce y'all when I tell y'all

ghin make this dish and definitely let

me know what you guys think honest

opinions only and once again this is my

significant other plate I ate a smaller


next time I will be sure to show my

plate instead and also once again don't

forget that the rice can be surfer

quinoa or you don't have to do rice at

all it's totally up to you your

preference but yeah that's just a

healthier option

it's Friday I am actually ready to work


I felt very motivated you know I kind of

began to crave working out I wanted to

switch I am also back with SIA here and

guys I want to let you guys know you

guys need to get to know your body while

you're transforming do not overdo it if

you are in pain it's okay to skip a day

if you are tired and you have no energy

sleep honey

sleeping helps with weight loss and if

you are thirsty please hydrate yourself

get to know your body while you're

transforming pleasing thank you as you

guys can see I am back at the park with

my support system we cannot forget how

valuable they are and how important they

are for then then I had a chicken

burrito bowl without all of my normal

ingredients honestly this day was the

most challenging hardest day day I had

to go through thus far you know it's the

weekend it's Saturday and I just wanted

to have a meal that I would demolish on

site I will demolish my favorite meal on

this day this day was so hard oh my god

but you know I stuck it through I got

through it

I made a victoriously and you know it

was very challenging you know I I can't

say I can't say it was super challenging

but I'm

it through and I'm proud of myself with

it I kind of switched it up on Sunday I

decided to hike a mountain trail I hiked

Pine Mountain it took about two two and

a half maybe three hours to go up and

down the mountain degrees were great

it was definitely well worth it it's my

name and I actually felt good about the

upcoming workout week I just felt like I

was ready to sprint my little wings but

now I feel very good very relaxed very

motivated motivation I feel motivated

for myself and I was eager to conquer

your week and actually see you know how

much I actually lost my last tip for

this week is to trust the process and

that goes for myself as well I am aware

that it will take consistency hard work

and dedication but I am willing to trust

the process as you should be as well

Thursday was actually they were I had to

push myself I'm not sure why I was so

sore and I am NOT going to be doing an

afternoon workout on today by am excited

to weigh in on Wednesday the positive of

this day was that my body they feel

lighter for dinner I am just enjoying a

delicious salad so it is the following

Wednesday and it is time through the

weight check in hey Google what day is


it is Wednesday June 3rd 2020 ok it's

Wednesday June 3rd 2020 so here we go

I've got with me now ok ok ok

turn the camera ok

just backed away he all right come on go

all right guys here we go

stepping on only been a week I can do it

hey Google what day is it

it is Wednesday June 3rd 2020 y'all it's


y'all it's Wednesday June 3rd 2020 I

lost 10 pounds literally 10 pounds

within a week my legs coming out and

working out but guys I lost 10 freakin

pounds 10 pounds in seven days a week if

I can you can seriously it was very very

very it was a lot of work you know I

wanted to relapse I wanted to eat that

fried chicken the chicken selling some

Popeyes but God just wouldn't let me I

did it and I'm so proud of myself and

I'm gonna keep going I'm gonna keep


each week I'm going to weigh in each

week you guys are gonna see what's going

on me each week you guys are gonna see

how my body is changing I really want to

tone up I like a lot a lot I want to be

not super tall but I want to be toned to

satisfaction I literally just started

rambling but thank you thank you thank

you so much guys thank you for watching

my video I really really do appreciate

it thank you

please go ahead and subscribe go ahead

and turn our notifications on if we

haven't already and give me a thumbs up

if you're gonna be starting today I

would love to know and to another day

guys peace out