My Water Weight Cut - 10 Pounds in 5 Days

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hey guys really fast announcement before

the video begins if you don't want to

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the code in the sale both end Monday at

midnight good luck you know I jinx

myself by bragging about how constantly

183 to 185 if I force a huge carb meal

down late at night 11:30 right before

bed only then would I be like 185

otherwise I was 183 no matter what I ate

right up until last week and then this

week I've been having a little bit of

extra fun enjoying foods I know I'm not

gonna be able to eat for a while once

the diet starts and bam I'm metabolism

just caught right up to me and Alvin 190

every single more in the last couple of

mornings so we're a week out from this

meet in one week I need to drop 10

pounds in waiting at 181 and I'm putting

it on record now I'm not confident I can

do that we're gonna try of switching

into low carbs because carbohydrates

hold water and a lot of this is water

retention and I'm also gonna be giving

my water loading and sodium loading

phase ASAP and we'll see if we can make

weigh-ins on Friday stay tuned

kicking Monday off bright and early 8:30


water loading is in full effect today I

have to down 7 liters of water I

measured it out last night ahead of time

a pitcher that goes by liters I filled

up this entire gallon jug and the

remaining waters in the pitcher in the

refrigerator still so much easier to

have the water pre measured out like

that just so you don't have to think you

don't under

don't mess up how much you drinking

tomorrow we kick it up to 8 liters in

the dick that's gonna be a little bit

higher and we're loading sodium right

now too and carbs are real low and I try

to kill this whole gallon like within

the first hour of the day and it's not

the funnest thing in the world but if

you can get this out of the way in the

first half of the day you'll thank

yourself at night when you're trying to


never take

unnecessary risks on squat and deadlift

day my stomach was a little messed up

this morning so will preventing some

some mistakes from happening also I was

so preoccupied by my stomach when I left

the house I forgot to take free workout

so I had to go with the old school from

the CVS next door fortunately today is

not nothing serious I'm training my boy

Nick yet again with the whole gym to

ourselves and I'm just doing some very

low volume low intense squats you want

to keep the weight fairly heavy so you

keep your body acclimated to heavy ish

weight even when you're kind of d

loading but you just want to cut the

volume way way down


easy way


see this water gut it's no joke

two and a half downs of water down today

it's 9 o'clock p.m. turn up water to a

half gallons doesn't sound like a lot

and so you try to finish to enough downs

by nine if you go past nine to get me

peeing all night but you don't want to

try to rush it because you can kill

yourself with water intoxication so

space it out a little bit

but anyway just to show you this cutting

thing works it's Tuesday Tuesday night

all the waters been consumed

watch out damn heavy I am 194 damn man

would 94 at the end of the night with

water loading and I will step on the

scale tomorrow so it's 9:00 I usually go

at like midnight I'm gonna continue

peeing all throughout tonight and

something to skill tomorrow morning

after a good pee and show you the

difference also you know dimmer Office

update man it's all painted and done

hell yeah and we got these new desks and

and I'm not a thousand percent sure this

is where they'll be placed but I just

got done assembling them today as you

see anyway shiny reflective chrome

siding a glossy acrylic finish on top so

dope and then picture some sort of

really modern looking

futuristic fancy comfy chairs and it'll

be dope or getting a box lights already

there at a neck actually put them in the

corners there's some other stuff locked

down they get a full like creative

brainstorming headquarters I can't wait

to get me so dope

damn 186 in the morning so my example

worked I was able to show you guys how

extreme it will get at night and then

how what you get in the morning that

said not happy with this because

yesterday I woke up I was 185 so the

only thing I can think of that was

different is I ate later in the night

which is another factor too before

Wayne's you want to try a cap you're

eating off a really early in the day so

we'll just keep pushing away with it's

very likely I won't make the win any

woman so I'm only mad about that because

I'm like not gonna make one any ones I

should just be enjoying this week

finally before dying stars

so if I had a dieting and behaving for

nothing well whatever

I guess I'm healthier for a week yeah

sorry for my little frustrated pity

party there I'm over that now it's about

5 o'clock p.m. embarking on my 3rd jug

of water picked up mo jugs of water this

one is distilled which if it comes down

to that tomorrow I'll explain that

and those bag of pills right there in

the counter today is my heaviest water

intake day and the really low calories

like 2,000 calories and most and no

sodium today I have to cut out the

sodium and that's really hard because

everything has sodium in it something's

gonna boil a ton of eggs and I got this

no sugar or salt added almond butter

creamy and it's actually really damn

good for good fat good fat source with

no sodium and the eggs we protein and

some fats as well it's Friday and we are

heading to weigh ins I got Arianna

behind the wheel because I am almost 24

hours without water or food so I'm

feeling pretty damn good but I'm just a

little foggy right now so we're being

safe what you missed yesterday let's

rewind yesterday I woke up at 180 3.6

pretty happy with that started with my

first gallon of regular water with pills

man I took magnesium citrate vitamin C

and dandelion they're all natural

laxatives that help flush your body out

the potassium was in there as well just

to prevent cramping and then I spent the

first half of the day while I felt good

and was hydrating getting things done

like getting a haircut

driving aimlessly to do earrings all

that fun stuff finally just about 3

o'clock I ate my first and last meal of

the day it was like six seven or eight

hard-boiled eggs and a half a jar of

almond butter salt free and sodium free

almond butter probably about like a

thousand calories total and that was it

for the entire date just protein and fat

no sodium no carbs I then tried to think

about not eating by working getting work

done renovate in the office all that fun

stuff I also switched to my final gallon

of water which is distilled water

distilled actually can flush out

minerals and flush out electrolytes and

further dehydrate you especially when

you get your body sweating and

circulating so I switch to distilled

water cap that off by 7 p.m. then

he did cardio turn my basement all the

way up to make it a sauna 45 minutes on

the treadmill a bundle up sweating

buckets felt really good so the rest of

the evening I just had to focus on not

drinking water and not eating and just

chill and relax so I played xbox

I'm not trying to brag or steal anyone's

girl when I say this but I am currently

master prestige number 83 and not

zombies that's right you rank up one to

three very slowly over time all the way

to rank 45 then you can prestige it's

like getting your black belt then you

start all over

rank 0 1 2 3 in Christie's 2 and you

work all the way up to 45 again and you

enter prestige 3 you keep repeating that

it's like getting your third degree

black belt fourth degree black belt all

the way to prestige 10 your 10th degree

black belt you complete that as well 45

long ranks and you enter master prestige

you a bit like an 11th degree black belt

but the ranks go up to a thousand

instead of 45 and I am on 83 not to brag

just saying see tonight's a big night

cuz I have a jack in the box as a

consumable that is so damn rare now you

combine that with the subsonic screamer

and bam you own Grasse tin house and

level up really quick but I digress

anyway this morning I woke up I weighed

180 2.8 exactly one pound over because

the weigh in is actually 181 point eight

so I throw on a homemade sweat suit via

trash bags and jumped on the heated

treadmill again that basement was all

the way up to a hundred degrees it was

great I don't know if actually got to a

hundred degrees with the old thermostat

said it was but I did a bath after that

and before I left the house just now I

weighed 180 one point four so four

ounces under the weight cut off and we

will be there in like 15 minutes

got the e knack crew here early around

the storms because I'm just like

mentally drunk and can't write and

that's where they're setting everything

up we gotta bright and early to try to

get first dibs on weigh-ins they don't

start til 3:00 look at everything is

like lime green my second favorite color

ever it's gonna be dope just lifting

with lime green stuff it's all I care


oh my god that was a single most afford

thing I've experienced so I just

finished Wayne's house first line and I

made about skin emoji that was one

eighty one point six I had two ounces

left so my scale might be two ounces


but anyway we made it I'm happy so now

it's time to mix up some Pedialyte do

this whole jug here get hydrated and eat

and Arianna nice nothing biggest stack

that sandwich board a big today so I

can't wait so tomorrow we lift today we

eat and tune into the next video because

the next video will not only be this

meat and how it goes but it also be

kicking off summer shredding the first

bodybuilding competition prep in seven

years so that'd be a big one really

quick the water cut protocol I don't

want to lay it out or type it out

because it's dangerous I really don't

think you should do it I think should

avoid it at all costs um now I'm

responsible for anybody getting

themselves hurt move you're pounding

water you can have water intoxication

where you drowned yourself and when

you're dehydrating I don't need to

explain the dangers of dehydration but

what I did was gallon and a half of

water all throughout the weekend and

then it was about two gallons of water

on Monday two and a half gallons of

water on Tuesday three gallons of water

on Wednesday Thursday was two gallons of

water the second gallon of water was

distilled water and we cut the water

early originally the plan was to cut

water at three because I was on point we

extended until 7:00 p.m. but then no

water also Thursday very low calories

1500 calories and most for me personally

all fats and proteins no carbs no sodium

frats mention that with the water load

and you want a sodium load all the way

up until Tuesday Wednesday you start to

lower that sodium Thursday no sodium at


I know sodium until after weigh-ins

sodium holds water and then we took

those pills I talked about too which

helped flush you out naturally and then

food was also cut out after 3 3 p.m.

yesterday so by the time you weigh in 24

hours has gone by no

food no water and just do some cardio to

sweat it out or you can do an Epsom salt

bath anything to get yourself sweating

to help lose that water as well as

continue to pee and that's how I did it

that was 10 pounds in five days and it

was one more thing I definitely wanted

to say but I'm like out of it right now

so I can't remember it so I guess we'll

just wrap it up there but thank you for

watching see in the next video

oh I know what I wanted to say this

should never be done for a 2-hour

weigh-in so like an us APL where I

usually compete you weigh in two hours

before you lift do not do this for a two

hour way and you will be zapped you

won't be able to lift [ __ ] this is only

for 24 hours which I've never done so

it's pretty cool so the other thing I

wanted to say on top of that is I had my

jug of water my gallon with the

Pedialyte in it and now I have power

rates cuz I don't have the powder so I'm

getting power aids I'm gonna mix the

powers in with a new gallon of water and

you want to do that so you can rehydrate

of course get your electrolytes back but

you want to drink it kind of slowly if

you pound it really fast you're just

gonna end up getting the runs and your

body's gonna flush it all over again so

mix it with water drink it slow and eat

a lot so I since I got home with the

waves we're at 3 it's 4:33 since then

I've had a decked out sandwich a

Snickers bar or pickle and a Chipotle

burrito so good the entire Anette crew

met a teen act back at headquarters

after weigh-ins

such a good day we ordered a giant pizza

gotta say I love these group of people

Enoch is a private powerlifting club

basically it's like a little Clubhouse

it's private members-only and it's

decked out in powerlifting equipment

from mono lifts to deadlift platforms

you name it

it's a badass little spot man and it's

full of competitive powders and just

really good humble people so we had a

blast we all died together weighted

together and ate big together at the end

of it and these guys are the reason I'm

actually doing this RPS me I've never

done in our PSP I never done any meat

outside of the US APL besides the super

total and I wasn't planning on competing

at all before summer shredding they kept

trying to talk me into joining them

because it was a big team event and I

said I wasn't ready but eventually I

gave in into

I just do a deadlift the only meat that

would keep it super relaxed it's gonna

be my eighth meat first time not doing

full power I'm actually excited just to

experience it like a relaxed meat feels

like just one lift only just kind of

have fun with it so pretty cool man

first I'm doing a team event and part of

thing with a good group of people and

first I'm doing a single lift only so

let's get it thanks for tuning in