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the date of this recording we are day 21

of 112 approaching the first quart of

stock in the last 21 days I've lost the

most amount of weight I ever have and

retained the most amount of muscle my

strength in the gym has been unfazed and

my diet is extremely enjoyable

I made some lifestyle changes but let me

take you back to day one why I decided

to change make a change for natural

bodybuilding and just show you how easy

it is to lose 10 pounds I'll go through

every single detail my mindset how I'm

still discipline what my diet and macros

looked like day-to-day and week-to-week

my training split workouts the weights I

use how much cardio stone how many steps

I took every single day I mean

everything I treated myself as an

experiment for the last 21 days for the

rest of these 91 days as well before we

jump in I promise something previously

on start


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but what I'll do for this video watch

the video what do you guys think I

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next 91 days comment down which muscle

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thumbs up and then I'll pick someone

else in the next video and I'll give

away $100 to PHP but let's jump back

into the video how I lost 10 pounds in

21 days this is one of my biggest goals

and now speaking of goals I'll start off

with number one hope


now the information that you ever do

need in terms of weight loss is here and

everything we want to tell you but I

think something that all of us always

skip over is your mindset if you don't

have the mindset to achieve it or go

after it it's going to be very difficult

to reach that point I'll give you an

example very often people start our diet

and don't finish it or start slagging it

off and say you know what I'll do it

next week or the week after or wait for

new years where you get an influx of

Mirrors resolution errs it's very common

so what I did I throw away all the

candies I throw away the Snickers bars

the pizzas the candies the chocolates

burgers I said no more it's the goal I

set for myself I obsessed with it I said

this is all I want to be able to do

within the next four months 112 days and

the second thing I did was I told

everybody do you guys I told my friends

my family I said I will not cheat once

in a hundred and twelve days many people

don't believe it but that is what I used

to motivate myself tell the world that

you're going to do it set that goal for

yourself and chase it every single day

and enjoy the journey

now let's talk about everything starting

off with my wings don't answer this this

matter is clear I feel big

I'm not that big on day one I weighed

myself every single day at the same time

slept at the same time I kept all my

variables consistent so I could have

consistent wins I started off at one

hundred and ninety six point eight

pounds and as you guys saw and can see

that your weight will sometimes

fluctuate ever so slightly however don't

let that deter you that is just your

body going through its own fluctuation

sometimes you'll retain more water on

one day sometimes you'll be stressed

there are so many variables however

those variables are minimized when

you're doing everything consistently and

then you get a weighted average every

single week and if you guys can see on

my graph there is a downtrend there's a

negative slope in terms of my weight

loss and that is exactly what you're

looking for it means that you are losing

weight body fat and we started on day

one with 196 point eight and at day 21

which is three weeks one hundred and

eighty six point two fluctuation does

happen that is the total ten point six

pounds and that by far is my best that

I've ever done for a number of reasons

one piece of cut out old sugar which has

been great and I have never felt like

I've had so many so much energy

but anyway I'm tracking it and I'm

continue to do so so if you're new you

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moving on let us talk about the diet

you know so now my diet has been

separated into training days and non

training days so when I train I have

these particular macros and then on non

training days I have different

particular amount of macros which are

lower so on training days I have 190

grams of protein to a help my body

maintain the muscle mass or even gain

ever-so-slightly 350 grams of carbs that

is to fuel my workouts just to fuel me

throughout the days to give me energy so

when I train I train extremely intensely

so I utilize the carbohydrates have been

given and I can also be able to create a

caloric deficit throughout the workout

if you have energy you can push more

weight for more reps that is what you're

going for that hypertrophy and then I

finished off with 50 grams of fat fat is

extremely essential to keep your body's

hormonal balances in check now Arnon

training days because you're not working

out you're expending less calories but

to keep your body in a deficit to keep

digging and to be able to utilize fat

appropriately as energy and lose that

body fat we maintain the protein to

maintain your muscle mass however we've

reduced the carbohydrates 550 grams so

my carbs are non-training days has

turned the carbs from a 350 and my fats

have been bumped up to 80 grams and

that's just to keep me full satiated and

to give my body a bit extra fat so it

can balance and regulate more of my

hormones which is extremely important

for weight loss now things get

interesting moving into week two that's

everything in terms of my diet you just

track the calories on your phone use My

Fitness Pal you weigh out the foods to

make sure you're eating adequate Porsche

and this way when you do that every

single day you have control over

everything you're eating and you can

manipulate it accordingly to achieve

weight loss so that's what my week my

three weeks have looked like and if you

guys can see the trend dropping 20 carbs

every week

that's probably what we'll do moving

into week 4 week 5 and so on cardio is

short for cardiovascular cardio is

directly working your heart so these are

the variables that were tracking Josh my

coach said three sessions at 30 minutes

and we tracked my heart rate at 140

beats per minute

this way abnormally 140 beats is when my

body starts sweating is when I feel very

thermogenic and it's a good point that I

feel that I am using a lot of fat as a

source and setting myself into a deeper

caloric deficit so you'll always see if

you're running on a treadmill how many

calories you're burning that is the idea

that you're trying to create a greater

caloric deficit implementing cardio and

a lot of people have started before or

after I've made the mistake of doing it

before so I rather prioritize my energy

for my workout and then after the

workout up to cardio on three days out

of the week

that's week one and then what we also

tracked is how many steps we take so you

want to be able to track your

expenditure outside of the gym so I make

sure that I take 10,000 steps a day I

gonna walk with blue we two we increase

the steps to make sure that I'm in a

deeper color deficit from 10,000 to

12,000 and then when we also did in

terms of cardio we kept it at three

sessions per week but we increase the

time to 40 minutes from 30 minutes at

the same heart rate this way we ensure

controlling the variables that were in a

deeper caloric deficit as you guys can

imagine you see the trend here week four

if I'm Josh my coach I will imagine

we'll go to 14,000 steps and I'll

imagine we'll do 50 minutes of cardio 5

sessions a week just to keep that fat

loss going now you keep on repeating

this week by week and the main thing I

can tell you guys here is keeping it



now on the screen my training program

this is the free one I've put on my site

because I love you guys the first link

and click it at the end of the video

scroll very all the way down at the

bottom to the website and you'll get my

tired training program for free it's

right there

the paid ones are there but it's totally

up to you which one you want I do an

upper body lower body push-pull legs so

upper body on Monday lower body on

Tuesday Wednesday we do a push Thursday

we do a pull the Friday we do legs and

then I take two days off Saturday and

Sunday normally my week doesn't go

perfect so it doesn't matter when you

take your rest as long as it's two

sessions allow your body adequate

recovery I do the same for my lower body

I'll do squats 6 8 10 and 12 with the

same concept this way when you do

reverse pyramid training you're also

able to maintain your strength and your

training to a maintain your strength or

be even increasing during a cut however

sometimes it will decrease slightly

deeper into your cut just because you

have less energy than usual so you guys

can click the link in the description

you'll get

everything in terms of training I could

spend two hours talking about training

but I'll condense it into this amount

and I'll give you my training so that if

you guys want to see a deeper look into

it and the training split there's also

stuff about my diet it's it's a great

way to start but I'll leave the video

there I hope it was elaborate I hope

everything you need to know is there if

it's not ask me in the comments down

below I do ask you to leave the video

like I think a lot of people can benefit

from such a video and I'll see you guys

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