How To Lose 10 Lbs In 2 Days

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oh I'm doing the shayloss shake Tober

dietbet and it ends tomorrow but you

have until Wednesday to weigh in and I

half my goal weight is to 46.7 last time

I weighed in I was 250 point 6 but I

don't think that's the case because

yesterday I was I was really bad

how much to lose oh my gosh I'm almost

back up in my starting weight okay I've

to lose 8.3 pounds in two in less than

two days dinner my weight loss dinner

Brussels sprouts YUM

how do you like it is it good had some

help she's our veggie girl she likes the

veggies this is a good way to eat dinner

you know sitting on the table guessing

she just took a bath so she's clean 8:22

p.m. Monday night uh as you saw I have

to or not less than two days now it's

roughly a day a day and a half a day and

a half two to lose 8 pounds 8 pounds 3