How To Lose 10 Lbs In 2 Days

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oh I'm doing the shayloss shake Tober

dietbet and it ends tomorrow but you

have until Wednesday to weigh in and I

half my goal weight is to 46.7 last time

I weighed in I was 250 point 6 but I

don't think that's the case because

yesterday I was I was really bad

how much to lose oh my gosh I'm almost

back up in my starting weight okay I've

to lose 8.3 pounds in two in less than

two days dinner my weight loss dinner

Brussels sprouts YUM

how do you like it is it good had some

help she's our veggie girl she likes the

veggies this is a good way to eat dinner

you know sitting on the table guessing

she just took a bath so she's clean 8:22

p.m. Monday night uh as you saw I have

to or not less than two days now it's

roughly a day a day and a half a day and

a half two to lose 8 pounds 8 pounds 3

ounces and hope I was 255 let's see what

I'm at now 254 I'm down a pound 1 pound

down seven to go

and I'm gonna go for a three-mile run

let's get my shoes on and so this three

mile won't run will I'll sweat out a

bunch of I think I'll drink some water

before and I need I need to get this

exercise in and then I'm going to start

a fast just got back from a three mile

run feeling good although it was hard I

don't know how my plan is Wednesday

morning to run for 60 minutes which is

about double what I just did I have no

idea how that's can I go but Oh wish me

luck for the run to 54 after the run to


he closed off and that took a shower and

now we're going to see how the way it is

to 51.2 so we're well on our way

but I'm dehydrated I need to get some

water in me and then tomorrow I need to

be perfect absolutely perfect and then

Wednesday morning is going to be a big

big run and I'm going to lose a lot of

water there and so I have to balance how

getting enough energy to do it and

keeping enough water so that I don't

totally kill myself and then weighing in

and then guzzling a ton of water last


I drank some water after the run and

three I hurt myself and this morning but

I've used the bathroom already and let's

see how it is let's see what my weight


to 52.6 of the entire hold on

sometimes I should do it twice there's

like 11 o'clock haven't eaten anything

drinking about a glass a large glass of

water and we are and to 52.4 I'm going

up that's not good

it's 252 this morning I don't know guys

I don't know if this is gonna be a

possible it's have a day one day to lose

now so two point four three point three

five point seven pounds

so almost six pounds just be safe I

should say I need to lose six pounds in

one day

ah not possible or is the last night I

was to fifty two point six or something

like that I can't remember buzz you just

saw it and I was look feeling a little

bit discouraged this morning so I ate

some it wasn't a complete fast I saw my

plates a little bit of my wife salad for

lunch I snapped here and there a couple

times and just mostly drank water this

morning I think I was around 251

although after I think I took showered

this morning and at like so undressed I

was 249 or no I got as low I saw it at a

scale of lows two forty eight point

eight so then I was like yeah I could do

this I got two pounds but then

throughout the day because you drink

water you have rehydrate yourself that

weight comes back on I didn't wait till

I weigh myself right before this run I

don't remember I don't think I did by

just ran 60 minutes 60 minute ride it

was insane it's probably five and a half

miles or so I was had to go really slow

just cuz I wanted to make it but I'm

training for a 10k at the end of the

month anyway I weighed myself when I got

back dripping wet and sweat with my

shoes on 2:48 oh man there's 246 points

something before to 48.4 oh okay

take my shoes off though that's with my

shoes on

to forty six point eight point one to go

come on point one you got to be kidding

me I thought my shoes weighed 5 pounds

sometimes you guys zero out first it

does better step on very nicely

good boy six point oh okay I did it I

did it I did it I did it and guess what

I'm still covered in sweat like my shirt

is soaked in sweat so just wait I might

take a shower get some dry clothes on

and we'll see my final wait showered dry

clothes and we're going to see how much

away remember two days ago 255 today 240

5.0 exactly 10 pounds 10 pounds in two

days I'm gonna go drink a Gatorade see