How to Cut a Memory Foam or Tempurpedic Bed in Half

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hey guys this John Frazier here just

wanted to show you our tempurpedic bed

here it's a king size anyway we were

trying to sell this on Craigslist and

nobody really seemed to you know people

did come out I mean I put it out there a

couple thousand dollars dropped fifteen

hundred down to 900 800 he I started

getting called as a 700 everybody wanted

to make a deal I said you know that's

you know I've got two kids 13 16 right

now and they'd love to have a

tempurpedic bed and and I don't want to

spend you know thousand two thousand

bucks just buying a single or twin or

something like that so the solution was

to cut the stump for Pedic King directly

in half and make it to basically

California singles and use the bases

that are on there to work directly in

their bedroom so this is the the process