How to Cut a Memory Foam or Tempurpedic Bed in Half

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hey guys this John Frazier here just

wanted to show you our tempurpedic bed

here it's a king size anyway we were

trying to sell this on Craigslist and

nobody really seemed to you know people

did come out I mean I put it out there a

couple thousand dollars dropped fifteen

hundred down to 900 800 he I started

getting called as a 700 everybody wanted

to make a deal I said you know that's

you know I've got two kids 13 16 right

now and they'd love to have a

tempurpedic bed and and I don't want to

spend you know thousand two thousand

bucks just buying a single or twin or

something like that so the solution was

to cut the stump for Pedic King directly

in half and make it to basically

California singles and use the bases

that are on there to work directly in

their bedroom so this is the the process

okay so what you're going to see here is

this this is a tempur-pedic basically

slipcover that they've put directly onto

the unit itself

I've already just simply removed it but

all you have to do is simply find the

zipper unzips this whole thing and then

you're good to go

you take the slipcover off you're going

to have this really shiny thin material

that the tempur-pedic is going to be

wrapped in and I just took a pair of

scissors and just gently you know cut

that directly off of it that's your next

step so basically what I had to do is

activate the layers and stuff off just

simply remove them put it to the side

and then the next step after all of this

is you have to measure so using the

handy dandy tools down here you're just

going to measure the center point of the


you're going to measure the center point

of the bed and then one thing I did is

take the two the base base is here and

here right there and just simply

separated them a little bit so that you

can cut the top without having to you

know cut the base okay so anyway the

first thing that I did is I I just went

and grabbed my wife does upholstery so I

just took a dowel rod drilled a hole in

it made it a little bit longer so I can

put a sharpie and just so that you can

reach make a straighter line but you

know you can just use a regular regular

marker do that just fine second thing

was having a good long ruler good

straight one this one is uh

72 inches long so looking at what six

feet or so and just what you're the

whole point of this is you're just

looking to find the center line of the

bed so mine didn't expand all the way to

the end let me take this side you can

see there's a little bit of a gap here

at the end so I went ahead and use my

other tape just to kind of bridge the

gap over there and it ended up being

right at 37 so one two three four five

six two three four five 37 and 5/8 was

my approximate center point so I went

ahead and what you have to do is you

really have to mark it down here you

know about a foot up and so on and then

measure between each of the points to

get a pretty decent line of course mark

your center line look at that reach

almost all the way to the edge of bed

without even having to try using this so

once you do that next step is make your

side mark straight

down here vertical to the base and and

we will try to start cutting I'm going

to start down at the other end and let's

see how it goes I want to stay away from

the center so I'm not pulling the phone

in any direction so it's going to start

all the way down

just have a regular kitchen knife that I

took and sharpened non-serrated it will

make a nice straight smooth cut

about halfway through already

okay so now to make sure that we'll cut

all the way through

and the other side is actually the

memory phone so

looks pretty good

spot right here to cut all the way

through right there to make it all the

way through so I'm using a for about an

8 and a half inch knife there


okay so that took a little bit of work

the bed has been cut all the way through

now and just to give you an idea of the

size of the knife itself the blade on

this is a right at 90 inches or so long

so really if you had a 9 or 10 inch

blade you'd actually go through it the

first time on this type of King without

having to do a secondary cut and now

let's take a look and see hunter now

okay so here is the final product pretty

straight let's say and those are your

two sides right there if I wanted to I

could probably go back in and trim up a

couple two pieces that weren't exactly

straight but you know once you put a

sheet and stuff over you're not even

going to notice this is one of the

interesting things I found with memory

foam the top section is actually memory

foam this section down here is memory

foam as well and then this section down

here is just regular from I was under

the understanding that the

tempur-pedic's were memory foam all the

way through but I guess use various

versions of foam to give you support in

different places so that was a very

interesting to to see so this is

squishier up here this is a little bit

less squishy and then of course this is

regular foam down here okay so to all my

viewers out there just wanted to say my

heritage is Indian so I can say I have

now cut it in half and I have two I've

got two beds got one take one make it in

half cut it make it two so there you go

enjoy your frugality and not being cheap

but being frugal

that section of the magic point marker

that way you can reach more easily into

this but you know you can just use a

regular mark whoops