How to Cut Layer Cake Squares (10" Squares) from Your Yardage

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hi I'm wonderful Miranda craft and today

I'm going to show you how to cut layer

cakes or ten inch squares from your

yardage so let's get on and show you how

to do it when you bring your fabric home

from the store you'll generally find

that your edge isn't straight so the

first thing we need to do is to

straighten one edge so what I'm going to

do is take my ruler and just lay it

along the folded edge now I have the

folded edge facing me and I have the

selvage edge facing away so I just lined

up one of the lines on my ruler and

lonely folded edge and I'm just going to

straighten this piece of material you

can see that it's out now the next thing

you'll want to do is to cut your

salvages off so we have a nice straight

edge net here now because we straighten

it so just check how big your selvage is

a hunting see these are quite big so

again line up the one of the lines on

the ruler along my straight edge so

there we are we have nice straight edges

there and now we can go ahead and cut

our ten inch squares now my ruler is

only eight inches wide so it's not wide

enough to make a teenage cut so I'm

going to have to use my Mac but in this

instance so I lined my straightedge up

along the edge here in line with the

zero and then I had my ruler on the ten

inch line now I've still got the folded

edge towards me

now I'm just going to gently pull it by

and make sure that it's cut and it has

alright so now I need to come across to

the 20 inch mark you make the second cut

so I've turned my pieces of fabric

around now so that they're ready to cut

and I have the open edges down here

along the zero line so make sure that

they line up nicely the two of them now

you can do these one at a time you don't

have to cut the two at a time like I'm

going to do alright so we come out

across to the ten inch line oh damn it

and just going to cut to the 20 inch

line yeah so we've now got eight ten

inch squares cut now if you have a

number of a particular number of squeeze

that you need for a project then just

head over to our website because we've

got a chart there that will tell you how

much yardage you'll need for the number

of squares that you need for your

project okay so if you've enjoyed this

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