How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair

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everyone so today I wanted to show you

how I go ahead and cut Jacobs hair and

Jacob is almost 20 months old and so

I've been cutting his hair since he was

a year old since he was about 12 months

old and so I thought it would be fun to

show you guys kind of how I go ahead and

do it so I'm the very first thing I will

say is I like to go ahead and put

something on him just the hair doesn't

fall on him and the other thing is is he

is sitting across from an iPad I always

play a show or something for him to

watch something to you preoccupied and

keep them kind of looking straight it's

much much easier to cut his hair when

under them so the first few things that

I will use obviously I like to use a

pair of clippers you don't have to use

clippers I just started using clippers I

used to just use scissors it just takes

a little longer with just scissors and

so we got these handy Clippers and so

that's what I use now the other thing

that I do use is I just use a little bit

of a trimmer I like to do that to like

his little ears and the back of his neck

trim it all up that way all those

struggling hairs get I've taken care of

as well obviously you're going to need a

pair of scissors if you have thinning

shears that works really really well too

to kind of texturize the back and make

it not so like you know blunt your blend

lines and then of course a brush or a

comb so and those are what I like to use

I also have a little bottle of water

here and then since mrs. Jack likes to

play with that so I will go ahead and

start and I will just sort of walk you

through it as I go so let's get started

so the very first thing that I like to

do is I like to get Jacobs hair wet I

like to use a spray bottle for this as

opposed to actually putting his head

like under the sink or something because

I only want his hair to be down so I

just put a little bit at a time on my

hands and kind of just rub it through in

his hair until it's kind of the amount

of wetness I would like then I move on

to the Clippers and before I do anything

with the Clippers I like to let him feel

the vibration of it when it's turned on

that way he's not freaked out by the

Clippers and I do this every single time

I cut his hair even though he's probably

used to it by now so as you can see here

I am taking the Clippers and I'm just

moving kind of just slightly above his

years just along the back half of his

hair and I am using a quarter-inch

attachment for this portion so I just

worked up until I have that all blended

and then I go ahead and I switch my

attachment to a half inch attachment and

start doing the rest and this part I go

around his ears and up to the crown of

his head

one big tip that I would have for you

guys is just to make sure that you

follow the grain of his hair just like

you would with woodworking you want to

make sure that you go that the way that

his hair is growing and the reason that

is is because hair doesn't grow just

straight up as you can see here I'm

working sideways and diagonally and all

the different angles because that way

it'll just blend and be so much more

soft and so much more smooth don't be

afraid to go over it a hundred times

because the Clipper is only going to

allow you to cut what's kind of missing

so take your time and just go over it

until you are satisfied with the way it

looks like I said I only go up to the

crown of his head here and then I stop I

like to have the top of his head a

little bit longer so at this point I

switch I turn that off and I start using

my scissors and my comb now what I'm

trying to do here is blend the top half

to the stuff that I just cut with the

Clippers this can be a little bit

challenging but basically all I do is I

hold my hand at an angle pull my comb

towards the hair and I just make sure

that everything looks kind of even

that's the best way that I can describe

it and then I just go ahead along the

top and I just cut anything that looks a

little bit too long so I like to cut my

bangs backwards first and then I cut

them along the front of his head and

that way it's just way more even and it

just gives it a bit of texture and it's

not super super flat


so here you can see I'm combing in his

hair down and I'm just working it to the

front that way I can cut it nice and

straight so I go ahead and just cut

along a nice straight line and just

brush it out make sure that it looks

good and then I just kind of tidy up any

pieces that look to be a little bit long

once I have it styled the way that I

would normally have it styled then I use

my little trimmers I let him feel it

again and then I just go around his ears


picking up any other little pieces that

have kind of been too long or that I

wasn't able to get with the Clippers or

my scissors and then just along the back

of his neck and that's pretty much it

that is his haircut I like to have it

shorter in the back and longer in the

front it doesn't take long at all and it

is super super super cute anyway guys

that's it that's the final product I

like to move really really fast because

that way they don't get impatient and

but anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this

video I hope it helps you go ahead and

your toddler or a baby's hair go ahead

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