QUICK & EASY HOME HAIRCUT TUTORIAL | How To Cut Boys Hair With Clippers

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hi if you've never cut hair before or if

you're a beginner

then this video is for you in this short


i will show step by step how to cut boys

or men's hair with clippers

in the simplest way possible so by the

end of this video

you will know all the basic techniques

that can be applied to practically

every haircut feel free to leave your

comments or questions below

for this haircut you will need a pair of

sharp scissors

a comb a sprayer bottle and of course a

pair of clippers with safety guards

if you're cutting hair for the first

time i would recommend starting off with

a number four

guard today for this example haircut i'm

going to use a number three guard

start with the sides and back don't

forget to keep the hair dry

as wet hair is nearly impossible to cut

properly with clippers

start from the nape of the neck and work

your way up to the occipital bone

or the line where the head begins to

curve use a scooping motion to pull the

clippers away

don't go too high as we need to leave

room for blending

keep the consistent technique all the

way around the head

and when you reach the sides try to keep

it even about the temple area

always go against the natural direction

of the hair as this will produce

a nice clean precise cut do exactly the

same on the other side

make sure to use scooping motions as

this will guarantee

a smoother transition with the upper

portion and will be easier to blend in

afterwards the next step is to clean up

along the edges you can take the guard

attachment off now

be careful and work slowly as bear

clippers without the safety guard can be


sharp don't cut too much into natural


just try to trim only the edges

otherwise you will end up with white


just make sure when cutting around the

ears to pull it down

to get a more accurate cut take your


it's always better to do this step nice

and slowly

don't forget to clean up any stray hairs

on the neck below the hairline

when cutting across the nape of the neck

be sure to stand

directly behind the person it's much

easier to make

nice straight horizontal lines


you can even use a comb as a guide for

straight edge

remember to check both sides to make

sure they are even

you can move on to the top section i'm

going to use scissors for the top


so make sure to wet the hair as that

will make it much easier to cut

first you need to cut a guideline it's

an imaginary line from the forehead

to the crown the center of the head the

length you create here will determine

the way you

approach the rest of the haircut cut the

hair to the length you want between your

index and middle fingers

following the natural head shape and

moving towards crown

area leaving the hair a little bit

longer around the crown


your guideline is now done from now on

cut in sections next to guideline to the

one side of the head

when starting a new section always take

a little bit of hair from the previously


section as you can see here this is how

you will know the length to cut in the

news section






move to the other side of the head and

repeat the same technique

cutting section by section make sure to

keep the hair wet when using scissors

as it will make it more easier to cut



next blend the top into the sides i'm

going to use scissors for the blending

so make sure to wet the hair as that

will make it much easier to cut

i will show the blending with scissors

technique lift the hair out

at a 90 degree angle and hold it between

your index

and middle fingers make sure to keep the

fingers vertical

you can see a little bit of the clipped

hair below and the longer hair above it

hold the scissors vertically and cut the

longer hair off to get smooth blending


repeat the process gradually trimming

down the longer top hair

till it blends in with the shorter

clipped hair be careful and cut a little

bit less than needed

instead repeat the process to acquire

the desired length

if you prefer you can use hair clippers

for blending

check my other videos for clipper over

comb technique

next trim the bangs combing the hair


use the point cutting technique in order

to get nicely texturized fangs

positioning the scissors sideways to

achieve the proper angled cuts

but remember wet hair shortens as it


so be careful not to cut too much

next styling and finishing firstly

be sure to comb out all loose hair and


dry the hair thoroughly with a hair

dryer if you don't have a hair dryer

use a towel finish the look by using

your preferred hair styling product


thank you so much for watching i hope

you enjoyed this haircut tutorial

and maybe learn something new make sure

to leave any questions in the comments


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you found it helpful

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