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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I am doing a tutorial on giving a

baby boy a haircut now this tutorial

will be just one type of haircut and

basically I will just try to talk

through what I'm doing as I'm going

through the video if you have any

questions make sure you leave a comment

down below and I will try to respond as

soon as possible so the first thing that

I like to do is make sure that the hair

is combed right and it's combed along

the way that your baby's hair goes if

you know what I need

anyways I go ahead and get it all nice

and foamy so I can see where I'm

starting at


so right here you'll be forming a wide

mohawk since the hair is already combed

over to the way that the hair grows go

ahead and do the same thing to the other

side to form a wide mohawk making sure

to have a similar distance from the ear

to the line that you combed over or up

to form the Mohawk this can be a bit

tricky if your child doesn't already

have a wide Mohawk formed from a

previous haircut because you are

basically starting from scratch so in

the next clip I'll be working on forming

that nice even wide mohawk



after you formed the wide mohawk it's

best to put the hair in a rubber band or

some kind of clip and as you can see

Elijah is courting his sister's hair

clip here I have my wall hair clippers

with the number two guard set to the

short setting on the Clippers here I

will just start to go around part below

the wide mohawk


continue to go around the entire head

with the number two guards until

everything seems even and smooth the

thing I love about this haircut and what

makes it so easy is after you get your

Mohawk formed you just have to buzz and

blend correct


now I'm going to take out the hair clip

and comb over his hair to make sure the

sides are looking even before I work on

trimming the hair on top of his head


now comb the hair forward and trim just

about a half inch off the bangs and then

make sure that they're even now I will

comb the hair over again and gather a

section of hair at an angle and cut it

at an angle how much you take off the

top is all dependent on your personal

preference I prefer to take off a little

at a time and if I want it shorter I'll

go back over it again now you do this

all the way to the back with the back I

typically will cut a little bit less

than the rest of the hair because my

boys have light wispy hair that will

stick up if I cut it as short as the

other sections now comb the hair over

again to the side and cut straight

across in just a little bit to make the


next I pull them they're straight up in

sections and trim just a little bit off

to make the hair even and as you can see

I'm repeating a few of the steps to get

the hair exactly how I prefer it now I'm

going to take my clippers again and put

the number one guard on with the

Clippers set to the long setting I will

now be fading up from the base of the

hair of the neckline blend upwards with

smooth strokes to just about halfway up

this will be dependent on head shape and

preference just make sure you blend

upwards at an angle so that there are no

harsh author lines I will also go up and

around the ears blending as I go

then I will clean up the hair around the

wide Mohawk and trim any stragglers that

I see


this is all according to your personal

preference but I go ahead and put a hard

part where the hair is combed over from

I take my small Clippers without Lagarde

and basically etch a line as you can see

I wiggle it up and down just a bit to

create that clean-cut line how wide you

make the hard part is completely up to

you I love hard parts because I feel

like it classes up the hairstyle just a

little bit more


and now you're done so style as you

please with whichever products work best

for you